Land and Soil Management Award

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About the Award

The prize recompense land use and soil managing work out relieving soil threats i.e. soil debasement, erosion, removal of organic matter substance, spread contamination, and compaction as well as the reduction of soil biodiversity, salinization, sealing, flooding and landslides. In doing so, the award cast light on prominent successful performance motivating new concepts of land and soil coverage and their implementation in land management, as well as improving awareness about the relevance of land and soil functions.

Who can apply?

Landowners, farmers land managers, groups of farmers, on their own or incorporation with a research organization, universities and/or private institute. The option is open for applicants from all European countries.

Why apply?

Knowing the big importance of the farmer’s work, by raising the winning project as an effective practice at the European level. Also, to promote the visibility of such ways of farming at the local, national as well as European scale and to motivate the farmers to support promoting their work in a sustainable path.
5.000 € is given to the winning project every year. The Jury can also present a Diploma of official awareness.

How to apply?

Calling for application is out from October 1, you have to emit the filled-out application form latest on January 20, 2021.  Award is presented to the one who wins annually during the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA) Gala Dinner.

PLEASE NOTE: Application submitted should better be filled out in English. If the applicant chooses another language a well cohesive English summary of the project should be enclosed. put forward your project via e-mail to the Award organiser at and share your success!

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