Lead2030 Challenge for SDG15

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APPLY NOW!!! Lead2030 Challenge for SDG15
Supported and powered by Novartis


The Lead2030 challenge focuses on SDG 15. SDG 15 goal is to protect, reconstruct, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, to help, now and in the future, from this earthy ecosystem-services

Lead2030: SDG 15 Target
By 2030, fight desertification, improve degraded soil, forests, and land, including land which has been affected by floods and droughts, improve the implementation of sustainable management of all types of forests, put an end to deforestation, and improve afforestation;
Ensure the preservation, restructuring, and sustainable use of terrestrial and protection of inland freshwater ecosystems, in the dry land, mountains, forests, and wetlands under the international regulations.

Novartis aims to actualize SDG 15 through their operations and supplies, in other to improve climate, waste, and water change, by putting up research and development, innovative solutions, and restoring vital ecosystems, promoting the sustainable use of land, forests, and water; Novartis advances SDG 15 by funding projects which apply digital data/ technology in making a positive impact, protecting, restore and sustainably utilize the service rendered by the natural land ecosystem

The participants should focus on one of the following projects at least:

-Freshwater recycling capacity

-Restoring biodiversity of the ecosystem



The project should provide good results and a long time sustainable solutions.

Challenge criteria

-Aligned: Aligned with the SDG 15 challenge.

-Youth-led: must be founded by a person aged 18 – 30.

-Focused: Well-organized time scope, identified key the notable stakeholders and beneficiaries, and planned outcomes that are logical and well thought out.

-Proven: Promptly available, in or past enforcement phase.

-Impactful: Outcome must be a positive social impact, for example, develop new skills, or providing employment.

-Measurable: The solution impact of the project must have been measured and/or be measurable.

-Financially viable: Must be able to sustain independently through resources, investment, and donations they generate.

-Scalable: Be able to perform as well or much better after expanding in scope or range and/or being transported to other regions across.


-Novartis will award the sum of US$50,000 to the winner

-Mentorship program for the solution winner by the Novartis mentorship team.


Applications start on 12 November 2020.
Applications end on 18 December 2020.
The winning solution confirms on 18 February 2021.

More Information And Application Here

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