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The status at Sciences Po, recommendations, and often asked questions.
Frequently Asked Questions on Administrations Registration 2020 Non-European students.

Mastercard Foundation scholarship at Sciences Po is to act to involve young people who have excel in their academic studies, 126 Africa you have truly excel in their various academic is selected, to educate, enlighten them and build them as first-class leaders in social sciences education, for them to become change-factor in their various home.

For the period of six years (2017 – 2022), the Scholarship Program will be fund:

20 scholarships are accredited to qualify candidate to complete their Sciences Po Bachelor of Arts programme, Africa specialisation
46 scholarships are accredited to qualify candidate to accomplish their Master’s programme at one of our seven prestigious graduate schools
60 scholarships reserved for qualified candidates for Mastercard Foundation Scholars studying at other partner universities and who would like to take advantage to attend Sciences Po Summer School.

Deadlines for candidates who apply for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship for the year 2020-2021 are:

Application for the Scholarship before November 25, 2020
Application for master before December 6, 2020
Summer School:
Application for the Scholarship before January 31, 2021
Application to the Sciences Po Summer School before February 28, 2021

Scholarships are grants in a joint effort with a network of partner institutions accepting the terms and state selection of the system in the process.

Application and selection process additional information:

Graduate Candidates
Summer School Candidates

The scholarships are granted to students who are specifically from sub-Saharan African countries with an exceptional academic record and solid leadership potential but who face financial and other obstacles in higher education which are causing them a barrier to go further.
The scholarships are granted for a period of three years for the Bachelor’s degree, two years for the Master’s degree, and one month for the Summer School. The scholarship covers the full cost of the total tuition fees at Sciences Po and the living costs in France during the period of study.

Sciences Po will offer to qualify candidate-specific suite of resources to ensure adequate learn during their course of studies to support them academically, as they also fund their studies and to facilitate their transition from education to employment:

An orientation curriculum and individualized academic advising throughout their studies at Sciences Po
Mentorship program offered in cooperation with the Africa Division of Sciences Po Alumni to benefit the qualified candidate.
Career guidance and support: an online occupation platform dedicated to professional opportunities in Africa (internships and first jobs), admittance to our business hatchery and the organization of managers and graduated class working in Africa, and explicit professional workshops.

The Mastercard Foundation is one of the largest private foundations with forwarding organizations whose aims are towards granting better quality education, training, and financial benefits to those who are economically insufficient or other barriers among people, especially in Africa. Its objective mission is to promote the advancement of higher education and promote adequate financial pulse to forge an equitable and inclusive world. The Foundation is based in different countries; among are Toronto, Canada, and has been operating as Mastercard International since 2016 working independently.

Among the university, Sciences Po is the first in the whole European continent to join the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program. With the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program, 27 prestigious institutions in America, Africa, and another part of the Europe Continent have made progress towards making young people, whether their background, have the opportunities to get better quality education, and fulfill their Po Student.

More details and application here.

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