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For the past 15 years, Young Global Leaders have been leading their countries, give service to their communities, initiate record breaking initiatives, increase the accessibility to resources and stir up the old methods in which business is being done.
We are always on the look out for uncommon leaders to become members of our community.


If you know any leader who is under 40 making a significance in the World and introducing something new for the greater good. On or before the 30th of April, 2021, name them as a candidate to become a member of the Young Leaders class of 2022.


• The participant must not be older than 38 years old but could be younger when nominated.

• Must have not less than 5-15 years of acknowledged successful performance, capacity to lead and distinguished professional work experience.

• Shows a personal obligation for service to the society both at the local and international levels, has a perfect record in the eyes of the public, good reputation in their community, consciousness of one’s self and the willingness to learn.

• Participants from the business sector must be managing a corporation or division and must hold one of the following positions (or similar to): President, Chairman of the board, Chief Executive Officer, Managing director, Managing partner or Publisher.

• Every two years, only one participant can be nominated by companies, organizations, and entities from their eligible company.

• Supposing the company belongs to OR is associated with the World Economic Forum, the participant needs the permission of the Chief Executive Officer or the Chairman of the board of the relevant company.

• Nominating one’s self is not acceptable.


•30th of April 2021-Marks the end for the period of nomination.
Participants who are nominated would be invited for the submission of a short application and would be informed of the result in the week after the nomination.

•June – July 2021- Further review for the short listed candidates by the World Economic Forum.

•March 2022 – A press publication would be released for the Young Global Leaders’ new class.

• Owing to the huge number of received nominations, the Forum of Young Global Leaders only reaches out to those who are successful. Some participants may be reached out to as part of the process for due diligence.

Click on the link below to apply Here

For more details and application, click Here

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