Opportunities!!! Enrol For Dell’s Technologies Graduation Project Competition

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Dell Technologies annual graduation has been keen on bringing to the limelight, bright-minded undergraduates, who have an interest in advancing technology. This annual graduation is targeted at senior undergraduates at Universities in the Middle East, Turkey, Russia and Africa.

• The competition is open to all senior undergraduate students in the Middle East, Turkey, Russia and Africa.

• Applicants must be in a team with a minimum of 3 to a maximum of ten members.

• Applicants must not be employed (full or partial) at the time of entering the competition.

• Applicants must have excellent academic records and must be approved by their head of department.

• Applicants project must centre on any of these: IoT, AI, or MultiCloud.

Candidates are expected to submit their project abstracts, after which they wait for selections to continue in their journey through the different phases of the competition. Their project abstracts must be under the following details:
1. What is the major problem your project is solving?

2. How relevant is the problem?

3. What solutions can help counter the problems now?

4. How functional is your solutions in solving the problem? How is it different from the present solution?

5. What social, commercial, environmental, value, does your solution have?

6. Using a high-level functional method, describe your solution.

7. Using a high-level technical method, describe the solution.

8. Give a detailed and high-level description of your solution’s development environment, platform and tools.

9. Outline how the management of your product’s development, quality assurance process, your solution development logistics etc.

10. Write out the important plans already mapped out for your project.

The first phase of the competition, which is the abstract submission, is open from 15th November 2020 until 30th December 2020.

Winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes in different categories;
First place, second place, third place and top 10 applicants would be awarded cash prizes;

For more details on benefits, click on the link below this article.

For questions contact envisionthefuture@emc.com

To apply click here.

For additional details and applications, click here.

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