Our Adult Ambassador – MICHAEL AYEGBOYIN

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 Change your mind, and change your life


 Change your mind, and change your life.


Mr Ayegboyin, a proactive man of virtue and stance, is an Estate Manager of a reputable organization that caters for the accommodational needs of its clients, without jeopardizing the environment and nature, nor the needs of its clients. He also worked at Golden Milestone Global Resources. 

Michael -as he is popularly referred– is known and respected for his work and expertise as an Estate Manager. He especially enjoys maximizing nature to proper use, effectively satisfying his clientele, without jeopardizing nature or resources, causing both man and nature to exist in a harmonized environment;

In his career sojourn thus far, he has faced countless challenges, more specifically, he alluded the most reoccurring yet sensitive challenge has been that of TRUST ; he explained it is understandable for clients not to trust strangers with their property, it is now the job of an Estate Manager, and his team to gain their trust; he told us one has to treat people differently, based on their personality; He also confirmed that a good track record paves the way to a trust-based relationship between a client and an organization, “ Acquiring the trust of a  client requires patience and steadfastness ”, he said;

Understanding the role of the youths in our society, he said he ensures he collaborates with youths getting them involved and challenging them, as they are the leaders of today; And exemplarily showing the young generation the virtue of acquiring ones dream the right way, and the virtue of knowledge;


“ I was beyond happy and honoured for this recognition ”,  Michael said; He affirms that the Ambassadorial office, beyond the recognition, is a call to service, serving this prestigious organization, serving the people and serving the Nation at large;


Conclusively, Mr Ayegboyin charged everyone, especially the youths, to desist from apportioning blames, rather, take advantage of opportunities and proffer solutions by starting with oneself, ‘ without imagination, life becomes an experiment ‘

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