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“What you need to thrive majorly resides in you, search inwards first…”


“What you need to thrive majorly resides in you, search inwards first…”

With the earth and its environment on the verge of a global crisis, and experts tirelessly researching ways to mitigate this impending doom, humanity could not be more grateful to Mr Tolulope, the Director of Pearl Ltd, Nigeria, on his expertise and sustainable input into the aquatic environ and the economy in Nigeria;

Mr Olatunbosun is a certified Zoologist from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, with evolving skills in entrepreneurship; agribusiness; business management, fifteen (15) years of field experience, researches, and both local, and international recognitions and certifications in the academia and practical sphere. He is a BET award winner, organised by Diamond Bank, UNN Business Management Award winner, to mention a few.

As an ardent advocate of the sustainable use of aquatic bodies and its inhabitants, Mr Tolulope is the founder of RFisheries Ltd, Nigeria, a business that aims to ensure the sustainable use of the aquatic environs, contribute to the economy, provide expert training to the populace, and most importantly, bridge the gap between primary producers (farmers) and the right input (fish feed etcetera), successfully being the most relevant fishery solution hub, built on value, expertise, sustainability, and trust;

‘The right appropriation of time, with the full understanding of the importance of where your attention is needed, sees me through’; he told CCN in an interview. Mr Tolulope acknowledges that time management is essential, the higher one goes, most especially as a leader, or in his case, doubling as Director and Founder. He emphasises that in all, one should still find time to improve and equip oneself with the necessary skills, knowledge and the trend.

With the advent of the COVID-19, Mr Olatunbosun points out that leveraging on technology and the 21st-century skills, as well as synergies, are tenets to thrive, and achieving more with less. “ It is utmostly important to involve the youths as they are the key vaccines to a sustainable future,” he tells us. He admonishes all out there to gainfully involve the youths, through internships, field experience and relevant training. He also charges frontiers of the aquatic environs to tailor their ideas and solutions with the Sustainable Development Goals, in other to safe the environment and make a profit whilst at it. Most important, encourages all to invest in education, as this is a surety for a sustainable nation.

“I sincerely appreciate the opportunity given to me by CCN, I will be willing to do everything within my influence to support the network towards nation and youth development”; Mr Tolulope told us on being awarded an Ambassador to CCN.

“What you need to thrive majorly resides in you, search inwards first, give yourself to creative thinking, problem-solving; surround yourself with positive people and mentors, but add to that your ingenuity” was his final charge to the audience, especially the youths.

– Interviewed by Miss Derin