Our Ambassadors – Owele Boye

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Dr. (Mrs.) Owele, Boye A.

Principal Assistant Registrar (Guidance and Counselling).

Dr. (Mrs.) Owele, Boye A.

Principal Assistant Registrar (Guidance and Counselling).


I would say my journey has been systematical and gradual. After my first leaving certificate from Mount Carmel Girls Secondary School, I proceeded to further my studies, hence I got a grade 11certificate at the Teachers’ College, Epinmi-Akoko and became a certified teacher from Ondo State College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, Ondo State University (B.Ed). I was first an auxiliary teacher at St. John’s Primary School, Ipe-Akoko for 9 months, before I proceeded to be a teacher in other schools, and subsequently a Guidance Counsellor in Police Children School. I got appointed as a Senior Assistant Registrar in FUTA in November and now, I am currently the Principal Assistant Registrar in FUTA. So, it has been gradual, a systematical growth and one that had taught me a lot.

I have always understood what people, especially students face and have been able to guide them on the right path and I have discovered that it gave me satisfaction. It is indeed fulfilling when I can wear someone else’s shoe, look at situations objectively yet empathetically and proffer solutions, being able to connect with people beyond the superficial, on which principles the G and C rests on. I must say, this journey has been everything I envisage. Though each person is unique and challenging, it has been satisfying that I have been able to add my quota in their advancement.

Like I already said, each person is unique, they might just be similar in certain things, but each person is unique hence the strategy of approach is unique. Being able to connect with people, most especially students beyond the superficial, and helping them come out of the problems they were facing prior to our meeting, helping them adjust to the times and things is the more achievement than I could want.

Well…, I would say the passion to ease people of their struggles, especially during this time.

They have been my spine, like literarily. In as much as I have successes, there have been losses too, and at times, it’s hard to cope, to move on. They have helped me in those times, shared my pain and my gain. Especially those times when a counsellor needs to be counselled (laughs)

I make a conscious effort to live in an exemplary way. You never can tell at times what inspires someone, so I try my best every single minute. And I have also tried to teach everyone I come across exemplary qualities and their importance. I give solutions, my lifestyle should do the same.

True. But then, as an expert in my field, I try to connect deeper with people with patience and empathize with them. Be real with on my problems, carefully crafted to sort the person’s situation. But then, there is no one way to do this. One thing is certain, I don’t give up on the person.

I understand that some of these people didn’t know any better, I mean, they didn’t know the right way and so I try to salvage the situation had I be in a situation to help. I try to be real with them, pointing them in the right direction, showing them the downsides of the wrong way, outweighs the good aspect. Try to show that that the “I don’t care” attitude only begets “had I known”, and that the only way up is down. The case of Hushpuppi, amidst others, helps as an example

I was so surprised and overwhelmed. I didn’t even believe it until an interview was requested. It’s a really beautiful opportunity, which I am honoured to receive. I from the deepest part of my heart appreciate the nomination.

By God’s grace, I hope to apply my expertise to help this organisation grow, and also assist in every way possible as an Ambassador.

I would contribute to the frontiers of knowledge using my administrative and counselling skills.

My advice is that they should have a goal with the acronym SMART, make your dreams Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bond and you’ll achieve it. And in the quest of achievement, there is a need to have mentors. Thank you for having me on the show.

Once again thank you for this opportunity. We wish you success in all your endeavours.