Our Ambassadors – Soyoye Testimony

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Soyoye Testimony Faith

a potential linguist, a writer and a public speaker. loves to learn languages, ideas, innovations

Soyoye Testimony Faith

a potential linguist,a writer and a public speaker. loves to learn languages,ideas, innovations


I am Soyoye Testimony Faith a potential linguist,a writer and a public speaker. I’m the last child of a family of four and also the only one into arts and humanities. I love to learn languages,ideas, innovations and so on.

I’m currently studying Linguistics and African Languages

The prestigious University of Ibadan

I’m part of the literary and debating society of both my department and my faculty. I’m also an honorable member of my department’s students representative council.

I’m a full time student and I do not work. I only focus on my academics and my other daily activities.

Yes I have and for the new session I would be serving as the P.R.O. and TREASURER in my department’s and faculty respectively.

I plan to have a business of my own which would be a side hustle. I’m currently learning fashion designing.

Also, I want to pursue higher degrees in my field of study.

Finally, I’ll put my writing skills to use.

My goal is to help children who are in difficult situations.To bring their dreams to reality.

Also,to be one of the reputable socio-linguist who has contributed a lot in the field of linguistics.

Most importantly to be useful and unique wherever I may find myself

Registrations- It was not so easy doing registrations. The queuing to the unavailability of the lecturers and photocopying.

Also, the NASU strike period and when there’s shortage of power supply and water.

Seeing myself in the reality of my dreams and goals. The things I wished to accomplish have been accomplished and I’m also striving to fulfill the rest.

I look in the mirror and speak reassuring words to myself.

I read about people who fail at some point and rise again to motivate myself.

I also pray and keep believing and hoping for better days to come.

I’m always optimistic, never pessimistic because I believe that bad days will surely come and go.

I’m actually strong-willed but I don’t think I can stand on my feet without my family. They’re my greatest support.

Like I said, bad days comes and it will surely go. My advice to people is when they feel lonely depressed and sad because of the current situation, they should seek help, speak out. Sometimes a problem shared is half solved.

Also, businesses should go digital as that’s the new normal.

People should also not sit at home idly they should find something productive doing. And they should make sure they stay safe by adhering to the guidelines given by the medical personnel.

My anchor has been taking time to take care of myself. Improving my skills and also seeking help when needed.

Money is good but the excess love for money can kill. It is true that the economy system is depreciating but involving in evil doings isn’t the best thing to do. Start a business, do anything to help keep body and soul together and also together. Look out for job opportunities and grants. We youths are the leaders of tomorrow and we should start grooming ourselves to be one. Everyone cannot be rich at the same time so let’s patiently work and wait till our own sun shines.

Finally, social vices are not only degraded our self-value but also causing havoc to the society at large. Don’t be the reason someone cries.

I’ll make sure through my activities inspire and spur others towards achieving great things.

I love the mode of service here at CCN. The division of labor is too notch and I’m happy to be a part of this network.

Towards CCN I’ll do my own quota to the development of the network.

To my society I’ll give my best for a better Nigeria.

Finally, I’ll like to say that everyone should keep believing in themselves, be confident in your abilities and never miss a chance in building yourself into a better you.

Be the best you can, in all the way you can, in all the places you can, as much as you can.