We the Campus Community Network are a thriving global network seeking to advance the national transformation in the aspects of wealth creation possibility and opportunity exploration for anyone anywhere. With the aim and objective to contribute to the growth of communities. We achieved this through our many various stunning and life impacting activities that we implement in our global network which ranges from our professional services to our humanitarian services and projects.

Also, Campus Community Network is an unparalleled award winning media service provider, with a strong presence across the federation and on campuses of numerous tertiary institutions. Our vision and mission is to equip the young generation with the 21st century skills, to bridge the gap between the working world and students by offering internships, to foster advancement through information and opportunities, amidst others.


CAMPUS COMMUNITY NETWORK (formerly known as Campus Connect Network) was established in the year 2014. The WhatsApp platform was first introduced, year after online publications follow and year after CAMPUS CONNECT NETWORK blog was then introduce with the URL (www.ccnservices.blogspot.com and till date still existing) and 2017 the official standard website with the custom address (www.ccnservices.com.ng) and in the year 2019, month of February it was updated to (www.ccndigit.com) which is now three current website address. The media organization was founded by Mr. A. K. Daniel, who is presently the CEO of the media organization. It was born out of the desire to create a unit media network on different campuses that provides the public with quality and up-to-date Information services across the globe.
The vision later extended to empowering students and youths with skills that will make them relevant to themselves, the school and the society at large. Build them for national transformation.
CAMPUS COMMUNITY NETWORK has therefore grown from a one-man operation to a well-structured organization, with different departments and crew. The organization has not seized to spread its tentacles, as it is now setup in different tertiary institutions and community also known at state and national body.
The vision is growing and is still growing and you can be a part of this vision.


Our professional services entails

  • Media services
  • Digital marketing services
  • Content creation/marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Event management

Our humanity services entails

•Publication of latest global opportunities for the benefits of the general public.
•Offering E-Internship workshop training program to empower people.
•Organizing life impacting and empowering events and conferences On- Campus for youths and other levels.


Unlike our competitors, we offer our professional service

  • For wealth creation; through successful business experience, creative talent and idea success. Through the use of compelling proposed project success.
  • To ease the experience of owning a successful business, creative talent and successful delivery of ideas or feasible project.
  • To enjoy maximum profitable and top-notch needed mentorship experience.
  • To Eradicate challenges of high price charges
  • To Give quality experience and instalment payment option.


Campus Community Network (CCN) is saddled with the singular responsibility of advancing national transformation in the aspect of wealth creation possibility and global opportunity exploration for all as our backbone (hallmark) as well as disseminating relevant information to the masses. We have the aim and objective to contribute to the growth and development of communities within our scope.


  • To be the choicest digital Network and media brand and be a center of distinction in Networking, Training and Service delivery across the globe for youths development and community growth at large.
  • To connect the world in a sustainable way fixed with stunning, feasible and reliable wealth creation opportunities, exploration and financial possibilities.
  • To create a poverty free world entirety.
  • Striving to transform communities by ensuring wealthy living, opportunities and financial exploration possibility.


INTEGRITY – Promoting strong moral values such as credibility, honesty, hard-work and Dignity.

CREATIVITY – Commitment to creative thinking and dynamism in the achievement , progress and profit.

NETWORKING – Commitment to connect people in academics, business or social context.

NEWS UPDATE – Ensuring of dissemination of genuine and current information across campuses

EMPOWERMENT – Commitment to creating a community of highly innovative and creative self- sustaining people.

CONSISTENCY AND RELIABILITY – Commitment to staying focused and quality quality delivery always.

TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION – Relentlessly developing and introducing new ideas towards technological advancement.


Year over year and month over month.
The CCN National General is working out to achieve the following;

  • Wealth Creation for all.
  • Opportunity exploration.
  • Poverty eradication.
  • Zero Hunger.
  • Empowerment opportunities.
  • National Consciousness
  • Problem solving.
  • Adding value to life and business.
  • Transform 80% and above of our annually recruiting and training interns.