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Earn up to $1000 as a Payday ambassador.
Get awesome perks & reward once you tell your friends about Payday

What is the Payday Ambassador Program?
The Payday Ambassador Program provides Africans with the chance to function liaisons between Payday and their communities. it is a good way for Africans everywhere the world who currently use and love Payday to earn great rewards by referring their friends and family to Payday.

What’s in it for you!

•Paid internship opportunities
Firsthand consideration for internships and career opportunities at Payday

•Monthly bonuses
Every ambassador gets a customized referral code which may be wont to earn referral bonuses

•Exciting branded items
Ambassadors will get branded product packs to point out off and share with their family & friends

Networking and collaboration with other Payday ambassadors globally

All you would like to become an envoy

To become a Payday ambassador, you would like to be bold and artistic . Also, these values are needed:

•Passionate about finance, business and technology.

•Must be a lively Payday user

•Not currently an envoy to the other brand/organization.

•Possess effective time management, organizational, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

•Must have strong written and verbal communication skills.

•Must have strong community ties at work, school, etc or a robust social media presence
I want to become an Ambassador!

what’s next?

Start by clicking the link below to use .

•Applications to the program will open on Monday 6th December 2021 & close on 10th of January 2022.
•Ambassadors are going to be selected and announced in January 24th 2022. Goodluck 🙂

Apply Here And Learn More

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