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Welcome to the Jason E Fisher Grant Page
Jason E Fisher Grant

It is a incontrovertible fact that college tuition fees within the us are exorbitant. As a result, many students—especially those from underprivileged backgrounds—are not even given the chance to form use of their talents and skills . Instead, they’re left with the selection to either drop out of faculty , or to be burdened with debt after they graduate. The Jason E Fisher Grant aims to financially support students, in order that they don’t need to face such a difficult dilemma. This grant will award a number of the brightest minds throughout the country with a generous aid which will help them fund their tuition and ultimately, fulfill their dreams. Students, especially those that come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, will enjoy this scholarship.

The grant is one-time financial reward for the brightest and most meritorious student who is in a position to demonstrate their talent and academic excellence. Candidates are going to be required to write down an essay of 700-850 words on the subsequent topic: Explain an obstacle you’ve got had to beat in your life, how you overcame it, what you learned from the experience, and the way you’ve got changed your life as a result.

Application Procedure:
In order to use for the Jason E Fisher grant program, candidates must fulfill all eligibility criteria, which include the following:
• Applicants must be either a highschool ( freshman, sophomore or junior ) and within the process of being enrolled in an accredited American colleges or universities
• Applicants must write an elaborate, authentic and persuasive essay of roughly 700-850 words on the topic: Explain an obstacle you’ve got had to beat in your life, how you overcame it, what you learned from the experience, and the way you’ve got changed your life as a result.
The Jason E Fisher Grant are going to be awarded to the foremost deserving and brilliant student supported evaluation of their application, which incorporates their essay. it’s highly recommended that applicants compose an in depth , original, and thought-provoking essay on the given prompt.

How to apply:
In order to use , please submit your essay as an attached WORD file to along side the subsequent details:
• Entire name
• phone number
• Postal address
• Email
• Expected date of graduation
• Details of the university or college to which you’ve got applied
• Current GPA
• Current resume

The final date for submission is on December 15, 2021

Winner selection:
The winner are going to be announced on December 31on
The candidate with the foremost outstanding application are going to be selected to receive the grant, and informed via a politician email, which they need to acknowledge at the earliest. The prize will then be sent on to the student’s bank or aid account.

The Jason E Fisher Grant is aone-time financial assistance of $1,000 awarded to the foremost deserving applicant.

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