Eric Dalius Scholarship; Apply Now!

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Eric Dalius Scholarship Award is now ongoing, an opportunity for you to boost your chances of your academy success.


Eric Dalius may be a pioneer in marketing and advertising who provides generous support after graduation in start-up business and thru Eric J. Dalius, “which was released in 2018 to assist those that are oppressed and marginalized, but still great in class .

Saivian Eric Dalius may is that the most famous name for those relevant to the advertising business.

Well…Eric Dalius Giving announces our annual college giving scholarship. And

We want to offer prizes to students who have an interest in business, education, technology, and also blogging. And don’t forget, this is an opportunity to largely benefits Eric Dalius Scholarship Award for your academy success


•To apply, applicants must be select or recognized by a politician school within the us or a university within the us . In any case, this giving are going to be awarding counting on our study of the essay you submit.

•Winners can write a 700-850 word creative essay that answers the subsequent questions:

“Which are the challenges to Blockchain technology and the way can they be overcome?”

Award Info
Instructions for the Saivian Eric Dalius Giving:
•The Eric giving application are often awarded to Graduate and also Post Graduate students deserving within the current year the scholarship is $1000/.

•Eric Dalius Giving Amount:
This scholarship may be a double award of $1000/-


The Deadline for this scholarship is
•Deadline 1: 1st August 2022.

Deadline 2: 1st April 2023.

Winner 1: 15th August 2022. A winner are going to be notified on

Winner 2: 15th April 2023.

•The winner are going to be notify via email or call and also post the winner on our Facebook page and other social media. This is another open door to largely enjoy the Eric Dalius Scholarship Award for your academy success

How to Apply:

•Applicant must send mail, with 12 points text textual style font, double spaced font, printed Word doc report or Google Doc report document, 1000 words or less document with a title.

•Candidate can submit their unique thoughts in terms of essay on and also the essay topic is

• “Which are the challenges to Blockchain technology and the way can they be overcome?”
The following information should immediately follow your 1000 word essay:

•First Name surname , telephone number
•Mailing Address
•Email Address
•Your highschool Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)
•The college/university you’re applying to, are accepting to, or are currently enroll in.
•In addition, your personal bio in 290 characters or less.
•Current or last GPA
To submit & apply your giving application

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