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The human mind is a mind blowing framework on it’s own, still, it can be deceived or made intelligent. Ever wondered why negative words said to us last longer in our head and have a lasting effect on our all round well-being than positive words ever would?
Why is it that when someone tells you “you’re beautiful” it makes you feel good, but you only believe it for a moment. But when someone tells you “you’re ugly” it sinks deeps into you and soaks in your mind, then you end up believing that for a lifetime?
One thing we need to realize is that we are beautifully and perfectly made, no human should tell you what and what not you’re to look like .
You are carefully and wonderfully made, in the eyes of your creator you’re a masterpiece. Train yourself into believing how glorious you are so you don’t need anyone to bring down your morale.
Give yourself that boost of confidence with the assurance that your creator spent his time modelling you into the beauty you are .

Dawodu Aderinsola Blessing

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