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Startup Energy ($ Grant) this is happening this year again. Apply Now.

The consequences of global climate change have birthed a uniform global drive to disrupt energy consumption from fossil and dirty fuels to renewable sources that are cleaner and more sustainable.

This has triggered an ecosystem of climate-smart innovators, entrepreneurs, and green startups to develop and deploy alternative solutions aimed toward closing the energy access gap in their various communities.

This narrative isn’t too faraway the Nigerian energy dilemma where consistent with a USAID report, only about 60% of the country’s population have access to electricity. Startup Energy ($ Grant)

To this end, the tripartite partnership of Allon (through the Rockefeller Foundation), Enterprise Development Center (EDC) and Nigeria Climate Innovation Center (NCIC) has created an incubation program called “Embryo Incubation Program (EIP) ” which is targeted at selecting eligible early-stage businesses or startups playing within the renewable energy (RE) space in Nigeria.

The embryo incubation program may be a 6-month incubation program travel by the NCIC.

All On, and off-grid Energy Impact investment company funded and supported the program via its technical support facility, the Rockefeller Foundation funded All On Hub. Startup Energy ($ Grant)

The program is ready-made towards equipping the cohort with the requisite skills and capacity must impact and develop their ventures from ideation to profitable full- fledged enterprises.

The EIP will run virtually for a period of 6 months. At the top of the EIP, there would be a physical demo day which incorporates a pitch session and a panel of judges where 8 businesses are going to be selected and awarded an equity free grant of $10,000 each.

We Strongly Encourage Women-led Renewable Energy Startups to use !!!

How to Apply

Click on Apply Now if you’re applying for the primary time and Continue Application if you’ve got already started your application and need to finish the method .

For further information and clarification please send an email to

Applications will close on March 4, 2022. you’ll be contacted immediately upon successful application.

News and knowledge
Before you proceed together with your application, confirm you’ve got read the decision for application.

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