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All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.

Yeah! A gun was shot but the person that shot it was a mystery. At the point Clever’s finger was about pulling the trigger, he dropped down instead.
Roseline who thought she was in heaven already at the sound of the gun watched Clever drop to the gound.
Who the hell is that? Capone shouted as he ran towards the gate.
Joshua’s fired another shot that sent a part of the gate sparking. The atmosphere was fear filled as Osas, Dave and lioness leave trail of bullets as cover fire. As the bullets continued flying Roseline was pierced by the bullet from the Capone.
You Papa! He shouted as he ran to the car. Joshua wasn’t interested in them, as soon as he heard their car zoom off he came out of his hiding and straight he ran to Roseline’s side. He raised her head on his laps while everyone else ran inside their rooms at the freight of more bullets that were fired from the car, of which most landed on the lodge gate.
Joshua with sweat all over his face and tears dripping from his eyes hurriedly carried her in his hands and ran to the Mary Martha’s Memorial Hospital inside the Store Paul cathedral premises.
Joshua got to the hospital hospital with Rose getting cold and loosing blood. He ran and knocked on the gate which was opened and ran towards the building calling nurses.
Back at Remm’s Lodge. A lot of people were not comfortable having corpse around so they were moving out of his way. While at the back of the building Razler has woken up from his forced sleep, looking around he struggled to get up, scout the environment and just staggered out of those uncompleted buildings surrounded by bushes where he passed the night and subsequently ran off.
At the hospital Joshua was restless as Rose went through the surgery session to extract the metal pieces from her and also get her back to a steady state.
It was 6am when men from the Oleh Police Divisional Headquarters came into St Mary Martha’s Memorial hospital.
“I am Ochuko, Assistant Superintendent of police, Oleh division.” He introduced himself flashing an i.d card
“And this is my partner Sergeant God’spower.” He said pointing to the young man besides him.
“We are here to get reports from the gun shot case you are handling in your hospital, so we do like to have a word with the witness.”
All these they said to the receptionist whom later ushered them to the ward were Joshua was seating beside the unconscious Roseline.
“Good morning gentlemen.” ASP Ochuko greeted the doctor and Joshua as the receptionist led them inside and returned to the door post.
“Good morning sir!” Joshua responded rather surprised.
“Well am Assistant Superintendent of police and I go by the name Ochuko while my colleague here is Sergeant God’s Power. We have few questions for you. Are you ready?” ASP Ochuko asked.
The doctor asked the trio to please continue outside the room, to enable the patient rest. They obliged without hesitation and went to settle at the reception hall which was an almost empty room considering the time of the day.
“So shall we begin?” ASP Ochuko asked.
Yeah. Joshua answered.
“What’s your name?” ASP Ochuko asked. While Sergeant God’spower did the jotting.
“I’m Arube Joshua.” Joshua answered.
“Can you tell us in details everything you remember that happened yesterday.
Before that. Are you a resident of the place?” Sergeant Gods power asked.
“Yes.” Joshua responded.
“Well around 8pm I was about entering my lodge gate when I saw a car drove past and some guys came down with guns. I quickly alerted the people and I ran to the back of the building to hide. Later a guy came to look for me whom I took out and collected his gun.”
“You collected his gun?” ASP Ochuko asked.
“Yes I did collect the gun and I went round, only to see them raping a girl. After that their leader commanded that he should shoot the girl and that was when I fired the gun in my hand.”
“Did you mean you were the one that shot the girl?”
” No. It was later that cover fire from the cultists hit her.”Joshua answered.
“Who did you shoot then?” “The guy whom wanted to shoot her.” he replied
“Where is he now?” ASP Ochuko asked.
“He should be in the compound.” Joshua replied.
“Can you take us there?” ASP Ochuko asked.
“Yeah. Sure!” He answered.
After you then. ASP Ochuko said as he signalled Sergeant Gods power and they went to their Hilux.
Joshua and ASP Ochuko were seated at the back seat while Sergeant God’spower drove the car. In no time they were in the street and Joshua saw Chioma running out of the compound with her hands covering her mouth, she lifted her head and saw Joshua highlighting from the police vehicle.
They entered and went to check on the body, a sign of multiple shots was noticed and two rifles lying on the ground. After some examination ASP Ochuko asked.
“Where is the guy you said you took this gun from?” Joshua saw him to the back but lo! there was no Razler.
“Sir. I left him here.” Joshua poured out.
“I see. Anyways let’s get back.”
After further examinations ASP Ochuko called for the corpse to be taken by the morgue people, while he came to Joshua.
“Arube Joshua you are hereby under arrest till it is proven you are not involved in murder as our only witness present we would like to keep you under surveillance.”
“What did you say???”

 To be continued
© Christopher Oghenewogaga Vantus

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