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All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.

It was such s shocking news for Joshua. The sudden turn around of event was quite stunning. What is he goi to say or whom is he going to tell he have no clue of what was going on. Joshua was later taken to the police station and kept in the dock for hours. ASP Ochuko whom assumed the OIC of his case visited the morgue to take some shots o the deceased Clever and later went home while Joshua was sent to the cell, since they couldn’t let him go from the fear he might run away.
It was 9’O clock and the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has started their normal welcome tone before the news at 9pm. A man dressed in agbada and with glasses almost dropping from his eyes arranged papers as the instrumental went along side another lady with a fair look settling for the broadcast.
Good evening to you and welcome to the NTA news at 9’Oclock I am Olajumoke Ayodeji and beside me is my co presenter. The lady started
Alhaji Umar Salam. The man in agbada continued.
Now the headlines. The lady started.
Once again the NGN drops in the stock market.
APC gathers gear towards 2015 general elections.
Delta State’s Governor declare son missing.
Super eagles clashes Bukina Falso.
Now the news in full. She continued.
The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN has annouced the depletion of the naira value in the stock exchange market… She continued as the bachelor ASP Ochuko was just entering from the dinning room when the news about the missing Governor’s son was being read.
The thick voice of the dark man in agbada continued.
In a report delivered by the Personal Assistant to the governor on security matters annouced that the son of the Delta State governor His Excellency Dr. O. A Apama went missing yesterday after he left his hall of residence at the Off Campus Residence of the Western Delta University, Otefe-Oghara. It has been made public that anyone with reasonable information of his wear about would be hugely rewarded. Test mail annouced and continued with another news.
ASP Ochuko had ran to his study to get the pictures he had printed out of the deceased and compared them with those displayed on the screen for the missing Governor’s son. Lo and behold it was a one hundred percent match.
God! He shouted.
This is getting messy. He was no longer interested in subsequent headlines and details as he started pacing around his sitting room. He continued pacing as his phone rang. Looking at the screen it was Sergeant Gods Power.
Hello. ASP Ochuko muttered.
Sure Sir. Sergeant responded.
Easy. ASP Ochuko replied softly.
Sir did you just listen to the news? He asked inquisitively.
I did. See you at the station latest 7am tomorrow and hope that boy is still behind those bars? He asked.
Yes sir. Sergeant God’spower responded.
Good. Good. Good. See you tomorrow.
ASP Ochuko said and ended the call. Strolling to his standing freezer he got a bottle of Goldberg and settled for it as he lit a stick of cigarettes he took from his chest pockets. Popping up smoke he said.
Let’s dance to this beat. And smiled.

To be continued…..

© Christopher Oghenewogaga Vantus


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