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All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.

As he stepped into the office, the Commissioner of Police was seated right in front of the DPO going through documents with newspaper in hand. He saluted which was almost ignored. He continued giving him a dagger look as he returned same. ASP Ochuko and the Commissioner had been teammates years back. But the Commissioner then Sergeant Okon was a political dog always used for political shits. It was for one of his missions to be a success that he framed the then Sergeant Ochuko and he was locked up for some years which later led to him being demoted thus he should have ascended the stairs of ranks. Here he is looking straight at his life long enemy. The whole exchange of stares ended when the governor entered.
“Good morning your Excellency”. The Commissioner greeted in the stead of everyone.
“There is nothing good about the morning”. He retorted.
“Where is that assassin that killed my son?”. He shouted with every sense of authority he could muster.
“Your Excellency Sir, that’s a treacherous accusation”. ASP Ochuko said calmly.
The governor was stunned by the audacity with which he responded. Looking sternly at him and he seems to have no regrets for his words he turned to the Commissioner of police.
“Mr Commissioner, I want to see the idiot that murdered my son”. The governor said.
Turning to the DPO he gave him you knowwhattodo look and the DPO was about going out when ASP Ochuko interrupted.
“Well am the Officer -In- charge of this case, and our witness have demanded for a lawyer or he is not seeing anyone”. He said sternly.
“Do you even know whom is involved here?”. Commissioner Okon shouted slamming the table.
“I don’t care, according to the law all men are equal before it and even the most common criminal has a law at his disposal”. He retorted.
“You are permitted to retire ASP Ochuko”. The DPO said.
“Sure Sir!” He saluted and left.
Walking outside he walked just like commando and straight he went to the cell where Arube Joshua was seated, he looked at how pitiful he sat looking sorrowful.
He walked back to his office and he started processing his bail papers. Upon completion he sent it to the DPO.
“Sir! It’s due for Arube Joshua to live this police station because according to the Constitution it was slated no one should be detained more than forthy eight hours.” He said when the DPO questioned why he wanted him released.
“Sir! I brought him to this station as the only witness and suspect so he has the right to go and seek for a lawyer and let the case be forwarded to court”.
The DPO was left no choice but to sign the bail papers. At this point the Governor and his dog the Commissioner have left.
Alongside the bail papers were documents to forward the case to court so all were processed and he returned to the cell and he came out with Joshua.
Zoom! The car sounded as the zoomed off in his Toyota Camry. Driving down town he took Joshua to Winter field Hotel where he showered and changed his clothes to the ones he he bought for him in one of those boutiques while they were driving down. Before he was done bathing, food was ready and ASP Ochuko made him sit to eat. Taking the first spoon of the rice under the watch of the assistant superintendent of police, he dropped back the spoonful of rice and turned to him.
“Sir! Please what is happening?” He asked.
ASP Ochuko looking at him pitifully stood thinking as Joshua kept his gaze on him demanding and answer.
“If I tell you everything is fine, that is the greatest lie. Telling you everything is wrong is also not an encouraging one. But all I want from you is eat and answer my questions.” ASP Ochuko said and urged him to eat.
In no time Joshua was done with the plate filled with rice and beans alongside chicken laps while ASP Ochuko settled for a bottle of beer. Seeing that Joshua was done he took his drink and drew out a chair in front of the table in the room. Seating in front of Joshua that was seated on the bed he looked deep into his soul taking of his gaze he said;
“Joshua! You know little or nothing about how deep you have gotten into in this shit. Well the boy you killed is the son to the Governor or this State.”
He paused to allow the words sink. Joshua’s facial expressions showed it all, that he never thought of it.
“But that’s not why I brought you here. I want to hear fully the details of what happened that night”. He said and rest his back on the chair as he attached the bottle of Goldberg to his mouth and pour in it content.
Joshua still surprised and shocked started.
“Sir, it all started that Saturday evening. I was coming from the viewing center… And that was what happened”. Joshua narrated with tears dropping from his eyes.
“Well! I believe you. But you see the Nigerian system won’t believe you”. He said emptying the bottle of drink in his mouth.
“For your own safety I have forwarded your case to Court because I know there would be a command from the state headquarters asking us to handover the case. And that was why I forwarded it to court and also to prevent you from being brutalized by political dogs hence forth you would stay with me”. He said with a tone of finalization.
“What about your parents?”. He asked.
“I never grew up to see a father but I have a mother living in one of those villages”. He replied calmly.
“Well at some points, if things get out of hand you will just have to let her know. Now let’s get out of here. And also here is your phone. I have broken your sim and replaced it with this new one. You must not contact anyone”. He instructed.
“Sir! Before you broke it was there any missed calls?” He asked.
“Yeah! From your mother”. ASP Ochuko replied.
The thoughts of Chioma prompted those questions but it was obvious he was disappointed. Waving it off he joined ASP Ochuko and off they went leaving the room.
Who is ASP Ochuko?
And why is he interested in him?
That you would find out… Stay with us…

Article by Christopher Oghenewogaga Vantus

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