Below are the seven (7) Things Students Can Do During The ASUU

Just at the time, we thought the era of students having to stay some extra years in school due to unnecessary strikes championed by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU)was over, they strike again. This is really a sad tale as this could cause major disruptions in the school calendar. But we are here to give you things students can do during the ASUU strike.

Unfortunately, it is easy for affected students to get into a lazy mode, where they sit around doing nothing or just whiling away valuable time that can never be gotten back.bSome students will eventually spend time on frivolities that have no positive impact on their lives all through the period of the strike.

But on the bright side of things, since you are here and you may be wondering how you could possibly make this “indefinite” time worth your while, we ask you to take the time to read through these things students can do during the ASUU strike that will help you benefit from your stay away from school.

Start a Business

As an undergraduate who is willing to become self-reliant, there is no better time to start a small business than now. The strike period is the perfect period to go out there, launch out that business idea you’ve been nursing. There is no age too young for becoming an entrepreneur and it’s easier to start a business now than ever before due to the presence of technology that eases a lot of things.

Use this period at home to start a small business. You could either sell products or render a service. The good thing is that you do not necessarily need a large capital to get yourself started. You can also use social media as a tool to leverage your business. Most importantly, carry out a market research and survey in the type of business you are going into before you actually start. You could start a home cleaning service or food delivery service…there are so many options.

Managing a business gives you a lot of opportunities to gain a lot of experience such as people skills, teamwork, etc which will be beneficial when you eventually conclude your studies.