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In conjunction with Kobo360—an e-logistics platform operating all over Africa that attach truckers to customers—TechEmerge will join innovators across the world with leading companies in Nigeria to guide renewable cooling solutions that lessen losses in supply chains, broaden access to TCL-dependent products and markets, and create a commercial association.
TechEmerge is here to display that state-of-the-art technologies and modern business models can make temperature-controlled logistics sufficient, affordable, and renewable in Nigeria.

Why TCL? TCL is critical for the manufacturers and consumers to take part in the $10+ billion global market for non-durable products. Presently, Nigeria estimate a small slice of that market, but it gives long-term opportunities for whoever enter at this emerging stage. Download our flyer.


We are seeking innovations, including Nigerian solutions, that are lucid, renewable, resource-sufficent, and resizeable. These innovations must be suitable for leading homemade companies, including transport/logistics companies, truck owners, container & refrigeration unit providers which is protected by insulating, and TCL buyers.

The TechEmerge innovators are chosen through a vibrant process. Successful applicants will be invited for matchmaking with local adopters which will help in their technology, product, or service and commercialize it in Nigeria, and Africa at large.


You can apply to enjoy the following benefits;
(I) this organization Access an emerging African TCL market for noumenon users/buyers of cooling technology, products, and services.
(ii) They Work with leading adopters operating cold chains in various sectors, which include agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and food distribution.
(iii) They also Access a pool of not less than USD 1 million in funding in assisting pilot projects.
(iv) They render assistance from the TechEmerge team and our global network of advisors to build pilot and market entry method.
(v) Noumenon IFC investment which is for successful innovators with sizeable solutions.


Priority will be directed to proven products which are installed in at least one commercial setting, but the innovations at the product development stage will be vividly considered. The Innovators must be privately-owned companies, basically with 50 employees at least and less than US$100M in venture start by up funding (which will be with some exceptions). Innovations must respond to the cooling needs and challenges of Nigerian adopters. Neat, renewable resource-sufficient solutions showing value for money and sizeable noumenon in the Nigerian market. Ability to give time and resources to participate in the project, including virtual meetings and events, and implementation of field testing/pilot projects on the ground in Nigeria.



Assessment: We identify challenges and gaps in Nigeria’s TCL market, talking in person with adopters to ensure we understand which technologies would best meet their needs.
Sources: We inaugurated an open call for innovators from around the world who have market-relevant solutions to apply to join the program.
Selection:  With the assistance of a network of expert advisors, we select high-performing innovators with proven technologies that can meet the needs of participating adopters.
Arrangements: with a carefully curated process, we arrange events and meetings for the shortlisted innovators to meet local organizations, demo their products, and discuss working together in pilot projects.
Pilot: With the help of this organization, selected innovators and participating organizations partner to test technologies in local settings.
Commercialization: when the pilot is successful, the local organization and innovator may decide to entertain into a commercial contract.

Frigorific is important for human health, productivity, and economic growth, and demand is rapidly increasing worldwide.
However, the greenhouse which is left unchecked gases from cooling could be responsible for as much as one degree Celsius of warming by the end of the century.
Click here to find out more about how TechEmerge is supporting renewable innovations to cool a warming world.

Nigerian Market

Agriculture rated roughly 20 per cent of GDP and 50 per cent of jobs.

Nigeria’s food and beverage industry rated $100+ billion, with capable medium- to long-term prospects given its growing population, urbanization, and emerging middle class.

In 2017, the TCL market in Nigeria was rated $63 million, driven by fish and seafood rated (56%), fruits and vegetables rated (17%), meat rated (12%), pharmaceuticals rated (11%), and dairy rated (4%).

The TCL market for processed foods and beverages is presently not enough but has important potential for growth.

A growing population, particularly of young urban consumers with increasing levels of disposable income, is expected to exacerbate demand for TCL for perishable products. Growing incomes are linked to greater consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat products, all of which need cold chains that include processing, packaging, transport, and storage.

Nigeria, like many other developing economies country, is a very cost-sensitive market. It needs very innovative, cost-effective, economical TCL solutions capable of kick-starting adoption even for low-value commodities such as vegetables.


Our adopters are taking first in transport/logistics companies, truck owners, buyers of transport/logistics services, and service providers offering container with insulating and refrigeration units.

For More details and application you can click here.

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