The 10th oceans awareness contest calling out to creative teens.

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2021 Theme | WATER RISING
Are you young and creative? Are you passionate about art and the environment?

Then, the 10th oceans Awareness contest needs you to use your creative mind, through art to communicate the need to preserve our oceans, hence the theme WATER RISING.

The ocean awareness contest has been (and still is) a platform through which young minds can learn about environmental issues, communicate their relevance through art making, and become advocates of positive change.

This contest is open to students of age 11-18 without barriers of geography. It is a global contest and any student within this age bracket can participate.

Our oceans make living on earth possible. The ocean provides over 50% of the oxygen we breathe.

So, it is safe to say that we can’t breathe (or live) if our oceans are gone!

Like our bodies, 70% of the earth consists of water and it is constantly in motion. This motion create clouds in the sky and influences our life here on land.

The trees and other life forms like bacteria, mammals, insects, birds, and humans all need water.

Basically, where there is water, there is life.

The 2021 theme Water rising challenges students to explore the fascinating importance of water and communicate ways we can protect our water resource – creatively.

So, you showcase your brilliant ideas on how best we can sustain and conserve water for the future generation through art.


Entries can be made through any of the following:
Visual Art
Creative Writing
Interactive & Multimedia
Performing Arts: Music & Dance
Poetry & Spoken Word


For the 2021 ocean Awareness contest, your entry should respond to any of these prompts:

PROMPT 1 Global warming affects our lives and can result in horrible weather event like hurricanes. How do feel about climate change? How will it change in your lifetime?:

PROMPT 2:. What does it mean to be up- or downstream from one another? Where does your water come from? what is the journey it takes to get to you?

PROMPT 3:Although water is common, over 500 million people don’t have access to water (clean water). This may be as a result of pollution, privatisation or climate change. How use water to relate to the fight for justice? Look at water as our society. It reflects who we are, but what do you see?

PROMPT 4:.A number of people recognize the importance of preserving water and are taking action through movements. Who has led these movements historically? Who and what protects our water?,

PROMPT 5: What memories do you have of water? What is your water story?

Remember students around the world ages 11 – 18 can participate in this contest. Here are the two major categorizations of age:
Junior Division: Age 11-14
Senior Division: Age 15-18

Students can participate as a group/class, a team or individually but all students must provide the contact information of an adult sponsor. It could be a teacher, parent, guardian etc.

Why participate?

This is an opportunity to learn about water, climate change, how it affects us and how we can preserve this blue resource.

Also, this contest improves critical reasoning skills, communication skills and, through artwork, impact lives through awareness.

Participants also get certificates to build your portfolio.

Get inspired when you join Bow Seats global community of 10,000+ young minds that are enthusiastic about saving the planet too.


Earn cash prices of up to $1,500!
Awards ( cash prices ) are presented to the winners of each category, that is, the junior and senior category.

Junior Division
Senior Division
Gold Award
Silver Award
Bronze Award
Honorable Mention
Other benefits include;
Bay State Scholarship Award (Massachusetts students only) 3 winners in each age category receive $250

Hometown scholarship Award (Boston, Massachusetts students only) up to 3 students who demonstrate financial need. $250 price.

South Coast, Cape & Islands Award (Massachusetts students only) $250 scholarship award for up to 3 winners In each category.

Publishing, Art Exhibitions, and Special Opportunities await you as a winner. Your artwork could be showcased in one of Bow Seat’s exhibition, anthologies of art and poetry, pop up shows, social media campaigns and others. You have a chances to reach out and educate hundreds of people through your art.

To apply or for more detail, visit:RISING

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