The Borlaug Field Award Nomination Process.

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The Borlaug Field Award Nomination Process.

$10,000 Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, is presented every October in Des Moines, Iowa, by the World Food Prize Foundation.

Recognized are exceptional, science-based achievement in all aspects of agriculture by an individual under 40 with high intellect and bravery in clearing off global hunger.

The award will honor an individual who works “on the field” or at the production stage of any of the discipline of food production with any farmer in rural communities.
Criteria for the Award
Candidates will be selected on the basis of mirroring the accomplishments by Dr. Borlaug, that includes:

1. Persistence; the inner push to keep going no matter the challenge or cost.
2. Innovation; application of Dr. Borlaug’s credo “reach for the stars” in discovering solutions in a quest to provide adequate food and nutrition for the world’s people.
3. Communication; Emulating Dr. Borlaug’s example of understanding local cultures and working with natives to provide them with lasting solutions.
4. Research/Science; advocating for positive change that would result in increased food availability and better nutrition.
5. Extension; Extending innovative discoveries to rural farmers to enlighten them on innovative methods in agriculture.
6. Education; Providing hands-on science training and education to native rural dwellers.
7. Application. Applying improved technologies to agriculture to further food production and reduce poverty.
8. Leadership; Demonstrating good leadership qualities in pushing for hunger reduction and poverty eradication alongside energizing communities.
9. Impact; Increasing food availability through all of the above. Dr. Borlaug always made “putting more food on the plate”

Nominee Eligibility:

Nominees must be under the age of 40 up until the award has been presented.
Nominees must be actively working in the position for which they are being recognized.
They may be associated with a public or private educational research organization or related entity.
Nominees remain eligible for consideration beyond the year of their nomination, so far they are still eligible.
Although the award is for an individual, in unusual and rare circumstances, another person may share the award.

Required Nomination Documentation:

A. A concise statement (3000-word limit) explaining and describing:
1. The nominee’s feats.
2. How, in doing this work, the nominee reflects Dr. Borlaug during his early career; and
3. The impacts of the nominee’s work.B. Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae, including date of birth, country of origin, education, and professional background.
C. One nomination letter and two letters of support describing, the main achievements of the nominee. Due to the high volume of nominations, only two letters are required.
Photos: A head shot of standard resolution and 2 photos of the nominee at work.

Nomination and Selection Process
Who Can Nominate:
Individuals and cooperate organizations can nominate. Note that letters from organizations should be signed by an executive officer.
Note; Self-nominations will not be accepted.
Letters of support from recipients with familiarity of the nominee’s work.
Requirements of the Nominee:
It is mandatory that individuals selected must attend the award ceremony and participate in World Food Prize events in mid-October in Des Moines, Iowa, United States. The World Food Prize Foundation will take responsibility for the winner while in Des Moines.

Award Jury:
An independent jury of international agricultural experts appointed by the World Food Prize and headed by Dr. Ronnie Coffman will review and evaluate nominations, deliberate, and select an annual winner of the Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application.
The Rockefeller Foundation has nothing to do with the selection of the winner. Questions directed to Dr. Coffman, or other members of the jury or the Rockefeller Foundation may result in the disqualification of the nominee.

Announcement of the Award:
The winner of the award will be made known during the period of August/September.

Any questions about this award may be directed to Ms. Ellen Franzenburg, World Food Prize Director of Secretariat Operations.

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