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The CCN foundation initiative is a series of our sponsorship program committed, structured and organized to assist, entice and further developed youths, to enable their growths and ensure success in various campus activities and related external community youths programs embarked on. We do this by offering our global and robotic media services as the core tools.

The CCN foundation partners with both public and credible private organizations to execute sustainable projects in each of the chosen focus areas of the foundation, with inclusion of Fund Awards issued to successful students.

available foundation programs

Community Foundation.

Inter faculty foundation (CCN, IFF)

(CCN Annual LOGO Contest Program)

Inter Tertiary foundation (CCN, ITF)(Most Media Active Campus Crew of the Year).

College Foundation


Asides our media sponsorship program for students Union known as CCN, ITF and Faculty On-Campus also known as CCN IFF (LOGO CONTEST).

CCN COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (Media sponsorship program) is open generally for any other groups, Association, initiatives, organization both On- Campus or external Community, events, Seminar, conference, workshops, Ceremonies.

CCN COLLEGE FOUNDATION (CCN-CGF): We also offered our creative media service to any college institutions that meet up with our requirements on any activities embarked on like excursion, send-off party, end-of-the-year party, seminars, workshops etc

CCN receives huge numbers of application often and often as such we cannot sponsor all . However, we promise to review your program sponsorship application and respond to you appropriately whatever the outcome could be with other possible ways we could be of help if not approved by the committee in charge.

To be eligible for an approved program, conference, seminar, workshop e.t.c your application request is to reach us at least two (2) month before the program date.

Note that Faculty or students Union media sponsorship can be achieved via the CCN IFF (LOGO CONTEST) & CCN ITF (MOST ACTIVE MEDIA OF THE YEAR).

Note that application for the CCN ITF is always on between January – February every year, if CCN executive crew of that institution didn’t register their school during this period such institution is not eligible for the contest and obviously cannot be awarded the media sponsorship service for that year and other advance benefit attached.

For the group under CCN COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, Note that your program must show great Value, tangibility and return on investment to CCN.

Any leader representing should be the one to fill the executive application form, while members of the events, association or whichever group should filled the membership form to enabled us properly execute our promotion service for the members too while in action.


The opportunities attached to this CCN IFF and ITF program include but not limited to the following:

OPPORTUNITY for global permanent documentation.

OPPORTUNITY for global recognition of the association and executives or involving institution.

OPPORTUNITY to increase the association, or involving institution. sponsors /partners etc

OPPORTUNITY to strengthen external relationships such as external organization, top dignitaries, local and foreign students relationship, etc.

OPPORTUNITY for other future campaigns because of global documentation and recommendations.

OPPORTUNITY for global steady breaking news publishing from your Association/office.

OPPORTUNITY for recommendations for other better position now and in future.

OPPORTUNITY to generate effective higher and robotic media awareness of your faculty, other association/ initiative or involving institution..

And lots more…


The following are benefits of your Faculty, Association, Club, Initiative or institution team being involved in this CCN IFF or ITF Program:

Creating excellent global and international media awareness of the existence of Faculty, Association, Club, Initiative or institution team.

Global promotion of your underground and candid sacrifices in office before, during and after executive tenure.

Global promotion of the Faculty, Association, Club or Initiative or institution event, programs and any other important information via special features.

Global elevation of the Faculty, Association, Clubs or Initiative or institution achievements.

Future profile promotions for another opportunity and future documentation .

Global recognition of the Faculty, Association, Clubs or Initiative Activities.

Global promotion of the Faculty, Association, Club Initiative reputation or involving institution.

Global enhancement of the Faculty, Association, Club or Initiative public profile or involving institution.

To strengthen the relationship between the Faculty, Association, Club or Initiative with the global audience outside.

In addition to the aforementioned opportunity and benefit, we’ll also offer our Advance Giant Corporate Media Service. Click here to view our giant corporate media service.