In the light of transformation as our hallmark, we want to appreciate our members beyond the quoted benefits listed on our website and other means

Campus Community Network (CCN) has launched the Icon Spotlight Program (ICSP). This initiative will see to the recognition and celebration of those who have strived to change the status quo in their respective department by their creativity, strategic thinking, discipline, outstanding leadership amongst other amiable qualities.

We at CCN would ensure these amazing deeds are not gone uncelebrated.

This program recognizes members within the said category on the following grounds:
– Consensus and
– Referral

Becoming the icon member of the month means;

– Networking opportunities
– Building business publicity
– Audience engagement.
– Fans recognition
– Improved CV and profile.

To qualify

-Be a successful recruited CCN crew.
-Be sure to belong to a department at CCN
-ensure to be an active crew.
-Be committed and provide problem solving ideas.
– Be sure you are adding creativity to a given task,
-Be adherent to rules and regulations binding the operations of your department, exhibit outstanding leadership qualities amongst others.
– A recommendation from the Head of your department and/or an agreement from colleagues.


NB : This ICSP does not in anyway affect all the listed lifetime benefit for the campus crew featured on our website and or any other means