The John Spach Grant.

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The John Spach Grant.


John Spach Grant is an estimable grant funded by entrepreneurial genius and benefactor John Spach, the CEO at Safe Companies, LLC, a renowned Commercial Cleaning and Consulting organization for maintaining workplace health and safety, located in Thousand Oaks, California, United States. He pledges to give part of his proceeds to the tyrannized.
John Spach has been quite disturbed at the plight of laudable students finding it strenous in the course of their academic dreams due to their financial condition, and he is resolute on helping them out.
Over the years, Spach has been a savior to these scholars by helping them get established in their chosen career path and he would never relent in achieving this.

A Truly Dedicated Entrepreneur
Being a palmy business man, he is also a seasoned professional in the field of industrial cleaning and commercial safety. His initial project; Safe Kitchens has been in operation in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Orange County and Ventura County.
John Spach is heading the Safe Companies, the foundational company of Safe Kitchens, LLC with a bright reputation of serving over 25 years in the field of cleaning and safety. John Spach has been overseeing the project with the intention to bring preternatural sterile upshot and peaceful operations for business owners, chefs, and facility executives.

The Passion for Social Work
In all of John’s dealings, philanthropy is the main reason behind all, so and so that he is seen as a man who is largehearted. John Spach is one of the rarest few notoriety who dedicated his wealth to service humanity. Spach believes in philanthropy and adopted it as a second nature. John Spach has been donating to a number of charities like Hope International and Children’s of the Nations’. And his grant has been made available to brilliant students all around the world.

With this objective in mind, John Spach has come up with this invaluable and much-cherished fellowship with the selection process being a rigorous affair, a committee of experts were employed to identify and award the most idiomatic scholars.


John Spach Grant: A Motivational Effort
The grant was developed to encourage students with the courage to pursue their dreams relentlessly. This one-time prize-money is offered to the most deserving young minds every year to show appreciation all round excellence. Spach’s Grant focuses not only on bookish knowledge, but also, on how the student wishes to apply his knowledge for tackling real-world issues.


John Spach Grant Eligibility Requirements
Applicants are advised to correctly fill and send their application as well as essay to John Spach for consideration and final review for the prestigious John Spach Grant. The grant applicant will be regarded as eligible provided he is currently a high school senior scholar listed in a reputed and accredited educational institution, college, or university. Applicants are to be ‘freshmen’, ‘junior’, or a ‘sophomore’ enrolled an accredited university. The candidate for the Grant must submit application and essay to

John Spach Grant Instructions
Deadline: 1st November 2021
Announcement of winner: 15th November 2021.
The winner of the grant will be appositely informed via an official email from John Spach announcing his grand feat and congratulating him for his success. The result of the much-cherished scholarship will be announced on 15th November 2021 at


  1. How to Apply
    First Name/Last Name
    Contact Number
    Mailing Address
    Email Address
    Institution currently enrolled at.
    Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)
    Your present GPA.
    Grant Essay Topic: “How can the increase in student debt be addressed and solved?”

The winner will receive $1,000 as the prize money directly. A letter of acknowledgement is to be sent upon receipt of the email. The assets will be sent to the John Spach Grant winner’s account.

More details and application here



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