The Livingston Award

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The Livingston Award winners of 2019: Chris Outcalt, Kate Wells, Davey Alba, and Lindsey Smith

About the Award

In 1981, the Livingston Awards was established to recognize the outstanding performance of young journalists and bolster the career of journalists under the age of 35. Every year, winners of the awards are awarded $10,000 at local, national, and international levels. The panel of judges, who comprise of those who have shared long-time relationships with the Livingston awards selects the winners of the awards. The award is presented at the luncheon event in New York City. The Winner’s families, colleagues, and leading media attend to honor the winners for their role in American journalism’s future. Prize money is paid directly to the journalists, not the media Organizations.

The awards help the young journalist to help build their confidence. The awards change the face of the young journalist, exposing them to new stories, new audiences, new career development opportunities, and for them to continue ambiguous projects. David Remnick, Christiane Amanpour, Ira Glass, Michelle Norris, and Steve Coll are past winners of Livingston.
Subsequently, the Clurman Award is presented with the Livingston Awards Winners every year. The Richard M. Clurman Award is to improve, inspire, mentor young journalists to help them to excel and guide them in their career.

February 2, 2020, deadline to submit 2020 work for the 2021 Livingston Award entries.
March 1, 2021, deadline to nominate a journalism mentor for Clurmam Award.

Entry Rules
Participants must be below 34 years of age as of December 31, 2020
Multiple bylines are eligible as long they meet the age criteria. One entry submission per participant is accepted. The respective individual may apply on their own or apply by their media organization. The participant’s work must appear in U.S. controlled media. The award is extended to non-U.S. citizens. Entries must be centered on current events or related new information about old events. Commentary and features are eligible. The participant’s submission must contain the original material prepared for the course of the journalist’s professional production. Submission prepared specifically for Livingston Awards does not qualify. Student’s media are not eligible. Work submission must have been published before December 31, 2020. Print, video, online, audio, and data visualization work is eligible for submission. Photography is not eligible. Off any pieces of entries, Livingston Awards reserves the right to use the entry for publicity or educational purposes.

February 1, 2021, is the deadline for the entry of published work in 2020. Finalists will be notified by April 1, 2021and announced later that month. The announcement of winners will take place in June.

How To Enter
To enter, you will have to create a profile on the login page, save your information, return to the entry page at your convenient time before your final submission. There is no entry fee.
Entry Information
Media organization name
Title of piece entering
The region of the entry and the organization( e.g city and state. For instance if you based in California and your entry was published by a media organization in Washington D.C., your region will be Mid-Atlantic).

Summary of Entry
You will be requested to summarize your entry piece or series of fewer than 50 words. The summary is not part of the judging but to give the judges quick and brief of the entry.

Entry Uploads and URL Links
One entry submission per participant is accepted. One entry submission can be a single or a maximum of three pieces either from published series. The original entry piece, and its follow-up development, or the three pieces must be tied together. All pieces of the series should be published by one organization.

Print, Online, and Data Visualization entry uploads
To ensure the judges can read your entry online and a print out of your entry, please follow these steps.

Materials of the PDF is required.
Every complete article entry must be submitted in one PDF. The PDF can be of multiple pages.
Each PDF upload must be a label with the participant’s last name and the date of article publication. Example Smith 9-26-20.pdf
The PDF format submission must not be in spread formats, not larger than 8.5 “x 11” with 10 points or larger type size.
The PDF file can be a text version of the online store.
Your PDF size should not be larger than 2mb.
All clips to be submitted must show the name of the media organization, story headline, byline, and date of publication.
If your entry is not in English, add an English translation to the entry.
Subsequently, the working URL must be provided with the required uploaded PDF.

Video and Audio entry uploads
Upload a transcript for the Video or Audio
The transcript uploaded should be a label with the last name(s) of the participant(s).
The transcript should indicate the total running time and airdate or online date.
Upload a working URL in the field provided.
If your entry is not in English, add an English translation to the entry.

If participant entry involves the work of team members who are over the age of 34, their name(s) and age(s) should be included in the Video and/or Audio with a detailed description of the member work contributions, responsibilities, breakdown and percentage of work each team member contributed to the project. The award aims to recognize the wonderful performance of young journalists under the age of 35. The work submitted must be for the effort of a journalist under the age of 35. Alongside the team members below the age of 35 should be entered in the entry information provided.
Participant(s) are not required to submit their cover letter. Participant(s) who wish to submit one can submit it in the available provided space. Cover letters are not passed on to the judge.

Contact Details of:

  • The participants
  • Editor(print, online, and the date visualization entries works)
  • Senior producer (audio and video entries)
  • Contest Coordinator ( if applicable)

Proof of Age
On 31 December 2020, the participant(s) will be asked to confirm they are under 35 years of age. On April 1, 2020, participants will be required to show their birth certificate, U.S. driver’s license, or their passport identification page.

For Contest Coordinators
There is no limit to the number of entries a media organization can submit as long they enter their entry per reporter.
Register and create an account on the login page
Fill the entry information of your first candidate.
Kindly visit the online application link and repeat the entry procedure.

For questions or any issue about the Livingston Awards rules or entry procedure, email Melissa Riley at

Apply Here

For More Information and Application Here


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