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UNESCO which is a Center for Peace as well as the beginning of the World Genesis Foundation summons youth from every part of the world to join in this year’s Multimedia Contest. Incomparable connection places the youths in one of the biggest and greatest position to cause the much needed change to the world.
UNESCO’s mission is to assemble the youths and consider how optimistic they are in responding to urgent world problems to serve others interest as well. The year before most of the participants were encouraged from over 65 countries after they submitted over 600 projects in this highly rewarding competition.

Due to the wave of the corona virus that hit the country,human ability to unite as one as being put to test like never before.Based on the various researches you have carried out, knowledge and experience gained,create and submit, a combination of diverse media proposals/projects that best describes the series of lessons learnt and how those lessons will help in building our future. For example, what our future in education is?,the issue of employment, nation development, or the other social issues.

PARTICIPANTS: Includes Juniors from the ages of 10-14; as well as Youth from the ages of 15-19;and Young Adults from the ages 20-24

PRODUCTS: All selected entrants are expected to respond in English 3-minute video which includes a multimedia presentation about 500-700 written essay,art work or any other process that channels a particular passion that provides prompt answers to pressing issues on ground.However it is important to note that projects not written in English but however has a translation might not be perfect and would not be a problem.

APPLICATION DATE/DEADLINE: The competition is slated to start by February 21, 2021 and the final deadline for submission is May  31, 2021. The submitted projects will be judged and finally the winners will be announced July 1 2021.

At the end of the judging, there would be a selection of three finalists from each age group who will receive an official plaque with their names inscripted on it and a certificate of participation as well. They will be invited to the UNESCO’s sub group of the Universal builders Camp which will be held at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, USA. The invite will also include a fee which will cover for the camp meetings, feeding,accommodations, and transport to and fro from the airport. Airfare is however not included. A special ceremony would be held for the competition winners at the camp. Also in addition to that the top 9 winners will be recognized and presented at the global events during the year.This is an inspiring opportunity for youth to build as well as home their leadership skills, learn how the United Nations conducts itself, and meet youths from all over the world. Winners will be published on July 2021 on USFUCA and UNESCO websites.


RULES: Make sure your entry follows the submission guidelines before submitting
The project has to be fundamental to the question you are answering.
It must be original
All participants need to fill out the Form for submission.
Make sure your essay fulfils the following criteria for formatting:
* 12 point Times New Roman
*It must be Double-spaced
*1 inch margins all around
*500-700 words in English in Modern language Association format.
*Videos must not exceed 3-minutes maximum.
*Images of 3-dimensional art will be accepted. Complete the explanatory 100 word of your work on the Submission Form.

* Not more than one entry per person

NOTE: You must agree to the terms and conditions of the competition before submitting.

Q: Do you accept group submissions?

A: No. Submissions should be submitted by only one participants

Q: How is the competition judged?

A: The competition will be judged by our various panel of judges from the international space.Judging will be done online using the Google Drive. The judges will also receive an unexpected number of submitted work for the diverse age groups which will involve the name of those who submitter being removed. When all the votes have been submitted, the highest scores will be selected for the top 3. The remaining 7 will then be in the position of semi-finalists. Any inconsistency will be detected by the team organisers.

Q: What is the criteria used in selecting the winning essays?

A: The essays will be based on a sliding scale of 1-10 (1 showing needs improvement to 10 showing exceptional) based on importance, development, innovation,how impactful and originality.

Q: Who will be the Judges?

A: The international panel of judges will be chosen and showed on the official website.  These are college-educated professionals with experience in the academic field and/or the arts.

You have more Questions?

Email us at YouthContest@unescousa.org with the word “Youth Contest Question” in the subject line.

For more info and Application click here

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