Content Creation For Passive Income

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  • You will no longer have to deal with unemployment.
  • You don’t have to experience financial stranded anymore
  • You won’t have to continue tackle with with daily stressful work as you will enjoy new world of freedom work and more.
  • You will become an employed individual
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  • You will be able to do any given task in this field in no time [very fast] and with ease because you’ll be given all what it takes to accomplished that in this ground breaking and distinction skill solution offering.



  • You will learn and understand up-to-date practical and real-life needed course content that account for your financial success in this field after completed it.

 This is done via online to makes it easier for anyone anywhere.

  • Discounts
  • Instalment option [ T & C Apply]
  • Mentorship and more. Please check out perk at the knowledge base here
  • Worksheet
  • Checklist
  • Portable Readable Format Material
  • Templates And Related

 After completing this course or topic, you will be able to properly secure and handle any task related in this sought a after career field in just two months exercise in order to achieve work from home rich anywhere [ globally] . 


This isn’t one of those online courses, training or program that bombards you with info [relevant and or irrelevant] and then, leaves you alone to figure everything out for yourself.

That’s why YOUR PAYING CLIENT TRAINING COURSE become the paramount assignment for us; so that as soon as you’re done with everything, shortly after you starts generating your own steady six-figure [Revenue/Income] – And in this process, you also recovered back your token tuition fee.

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Content Creation With Cool Cash Marketing Career Skill In Any Currency


Dedication (i)
Forward (ii)
Management board corner (iii)
About the book (iv)

Chapter one

1.0 Introduction (1)

1.1 Definition (1)

1.2 Content Writing Styles (1)

1.3 Familiarize With The Style (1)

Chapter one

  • Fully Illustrated Training Material [ Basic]


  • Distinct Framework

   Practical lesson plus expert secrets that makes you successful and highly – demand personnel in this field.


  • Template

You will get fill – in – the gap template resources that makes this learning curve to so very easy for you and not only that but you can also always use this as an editable tools to get your paying clients work done in no time; that’s even after when you have completed the whole training things.

 So, you don’t have to reinvented the wheel again as this templates tools already got you covered.


  • Worksheet And Checklist

   You get to prove and validate your learning skills with our worksheet and other exercise while the Checklist helps you with what to do on a  Step – by – Step basis.

Chapter two

2.0 Genre (2)
2.1 Expository Content Writing(2)
2.1.1 Seven Main Elements Of Good Expository Content Writing. (3-5)
2.2 Expository Content Writing (Fact Two). (5)
2.3 Descriptive Content Writing ..(6)
2.3.1 Show Don’t Tell …..6
2.3.2 Five Senses Of Engagement 6
2.3.3 Characteristics Of Descriptive Writing 7

2.3.4 Like A Simile 8

2.3.5 Metaphors Of Unrelatedness 8
2.3.6 Personify Into Animation .8-9
2.5.0 Persuasive Content Writing Details (JUST Roll In The Hay) .10
2.7 Argumentation Content ………………………………11
2.7.1 A Call To Action Content .12
2.8.0 Narrative Content Writing .12
2.8.1 Understanding Your Purpose Empowers Your Writing .. 13

2.89.2 To Summarize (14)

Chapter three

3.0 Market Content Writing Illustration (15)

3.1 Documenting A Content Strategy (16)

Chapter four

Create A Content That Works for You ………(17)

Buyers Personal . (17)

Topics Research (17)

Editorial Work Flow) (18)

Creating An Article Calendar . (18)

Chapter five

5.0 The Content Creation Process ..(19)

5.1 Brainstorming And Topic Ideation (19)

5.2 Knowledge Sharing .(19)

5.3 Content Creation .(20)

5.4 Content Editing ..(20-21)

5.5 Publication (8) (9)

Chapter Six

6.0 Content Creation Tools: …(10)

Chapter Seven

7.0 Providing Content On Any other Articles Aside Marketing Content …(23)

7.1 Tory Writing, News Writing And Other Entertaining Content Writing (Articles) …(24)

7.2 Writing News Stories ..(25)

7.3 Business Scope …(25)

7.3.1 Reporters Notebook-Planning The News Writing .(25)

7.3.2 Planning Our Newspaper (25)

7.3.3 How Will Our Paper Look Like (25-26)