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INCREASE BUSINESS PROFIT is something very important if we must continue running our business

If you keep changing from one business to another or if you keep on working on your product and service quality alone or putting in most of the effort on fine structure and business tools mostly – Please, prepare to be shocked. You’re wasting your time.


Yes, providing quality products/ services, having balanced business tools, or changing from one business to another can look like helping you on a lightweight 


But all these are practically incomplete ingredients for increasing your business profit making. 


If you don’t prioritize the money-making unit [the part where you make money] of your business more than anything else, the business will continue to suffer and the burnout will be too much for you as the owner to handle at a time which can lead to loss. 


If you want to speed up and even multiply your business profit; you need to prioritize, integrate, and implement these compulsory marketing recipes.


A few years back, I worked on putting everything I could do in my business, every standard I could implement in the normal quantity I can and in a normal capacity I could and then concentrating more on where the money comes in by prioritizing, integrating, and implementing the right formula [Hacks ] for it.

Thereafter, I saw the magic gap, my income then skyrocketed beyond my expectations. 

I have my profit making tripled compared to the previous and during a recent business review after the strategy, I have my revenue then improved over my colleagues of the same business and the same level of start.


Excitingly for you. In this post, I’m going to 


  • reveal this jet Age business recipe you need to prioritize, integrate, and implement in your own running small medium enterprises [SMEs ] and or big business limited. 

  • Highlight the benefits of those recipes if you use them appropriately 

  • Share with you a brief explanation [meaning] of each of these recipes

  • Also, discuss with you why you need these recipes. So, that you can easily follow this and achieve the best result you want for your business. 

  • And if you’re having difficulties getting to use each of these recipes for your business, I’ve also helped you disclose available options to you on how you can go about it. 


Does all this sound appealing? If so, then, let’s just unveil ….





Data Reports from organizations like the American Marketing Association  or the Content Marketing Institute

Give us reports of businesses that do well because they implement necessary tactics to back up their running business. Below is a list of recipes you can as well use to solidify your business profit-making as well. 



If you inculcate content creation services into your running a business; here are the successes that it will help you to achieve;


  • Content writing can help you improve your search engine ranking, if you have a website or blog for that business you’re running or a solid social presence and if you need one, it’s not that hard. 

  • Use content writing to move customers along the sales funnel where the sales funnel is one of the paramount parts of business success. Otherwise, your customers won’t have a clear route to obtain your solution.

  • Content writing can boost conversion rates for your business entity. And if you are struggling to have a conversion that is one of the codes. 

  • Authoritative content establishes your brand or business as an industry leader believe it or not

  • Content creation can be used to educate customers to make work easier for your sales Reps or whoever is in charge of sales if you’re running a business.

  • It will help you reach a new audience. That’s a new set of customer entirety

  • It helps you stand out from the competition.



This is the act of writing, editing, and drafting educational and informational content for your business audience, new or current audience.



To increase your business profits another powerful marketing tip you need to prioritize and implement here is content marketing. Below is what it will do for you and your business 

  • Brand awareness 

  • Website traffic competitive advantage.

  • Broadcasting channel.

  • Leads and conversion transformation success.

  • Customer engagement success.

  • Customer relation benefits.

  • Social media traction accomplishment.




This is the strategic way of nurturing a cold prospect till he/she becomes a paying client of your company’s solution [ product or services] and not only that but also becomes your brand advocate without doing the normal general fanfare that can discomfort your audiences already.




If you have decided to put content writing and content marketing then content editing is not an option for you anymore but a must-use tool to get the result you want from your content creation and content marketing with the overall increases in our business profit. 


Here’s what the editing does for your business. 


  • Removes errors that lead to perfectionism and professionalism in your materials putting them out there

  • Improves your workflow and

  • Enhance your language and style.




This is the process of reshaping, refining, and rebranding a draft content to suit the public need and the content owner’s purpose.


It is a process that involves revising the content, organization, grammar, and presentation of a piece of writing.




Take it or not. A business owner who wants to increase profit can’t jeopardize the efficacy of a copywriter’s service. 


And if you’re still sitting on the fence. 


Take a look at what it will do for your business listed below 


  • It speeds up revenue for the business owners.

  • It helps to increase your purchase.

  • It raises your brand awareness as well

  • It benefits you and your business as it strongly showcases healthy ways you solve your customer’s problems.

  • Good copy sells anything faster and easier

  • Good copy brings about profitable relationships with your Audience.

  • Good copy transforms products into products or services proven to provide measurable results.

  • Good copy is powerful and makes you unique

  • Good copy doesn’t have one defined method.




This is the style of writing that is mainly to draw public attention and persuade people to take action. 


The action could be to download material, visit a product page, or landing page, book a demo, take a free trial, participate in an event, seminar, webinar, and lots more.




Consider utilizing the opportunity of a digital marketing channel for that offline business or digital products and services. 


See the stunning success you’re going to enjoy.


  • Easy to communicate with customers to gain loyalty.

  • Engage with customers at every stage.

  • Easy to target the right audience

  • Generate leads consistently

  • Optimized and better conversion

  • Easy and accurate to measure all

  • Gain brand reputation.

  • Less marketing expenses

  • Global brand recognition and target global Audience.

  • Generate more revenue.




This is the act of taking your physical business online, using any medium available on the online channel.


And or 


act of doing digital business but still using any of the digital channels. 


This digital business includes website design, and management, App development, and management. Social media marketing, online training and courses, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on.




Email marketing is an old business tool that is still in effect to date. 


Here is what data information says according to  Hubspot


Just Imagine that you’re using email marketing effectively as one of your business marketing tools. 


Listed below are the benefits you’ll derive from this simple act.

  • Low price for using this tool

  • The ability to convert an up-to-date database of contacts.

  • The possibility of communication between the brand customers.

  • Automation of the mailing process based on database segmentation.

  • Increase efficiency through personalization and a simple spam test.

  • Brand recognition.

  • Creating personalized content

  • Collecting feedback and surveys

  • Improving sales

  • Communicating with your audience

  • Generating traffic to your site.

  • Sending timely campaigns

  • Increasing leads

  • Reaching the right people at the right time.




Email marketing is the deed of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people using email.


In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.


It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.


Email marketing is a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services.


It can also be a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand or keep them engaged between purchases.


It can also be anything in between




Simply look at what you and your business will become if you take social media marketing services seriously for your business.


  • Improve your brand

  • Engage the audience

  • Promote customer service

  • Impact sales and conversion rates

  • Become a thought leader

  • Study the competition

  • Improve SERP presence.

  • Boost website traffic

  • Attract top-of-funnel leads.

  • Earn greater ROI

  • Retarget missed customers

  • Learn about your audience

  • Build partnerships

  • Keep up with industry trends

  • Acquire talent.




Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media platforms to interact with customers to build brands, increase sales, and drive website traffic.



How to Begin Using This Business Recipes


So, If you have got an eye’s exposure to these must-use marketing recipes for increasing your business profit making, and are now ready to prioritize and integrate them into your running business. 


I have two ways to tell you that you can get to use them. 

  • Consult a network, body, or platform offering these services that have a track record of success doing this to offer you the same result-proof services. So, that you won’t stay long wasting time, money, and energy doing try-and-error work. So, if you need the Campus Creative Network Platform support to strategically implement all these services for your business growth and increase business profit, then keep reading to the end of this post where I will show you how to request such services.

  • Skill acquisition. That is you can enroll to start learning each of the skills, so you can start applying them but I’m sure it will not be easy for you to begin each of them for such a long duration before you have mastered it and started to apply it to your running business. This second option is not viable but it can help you cut the cost of hiring agencies to do everything from A-Z for you.  So, you just learn one or two of them and master them like a Pro. So, if you’re now on the lookout for how and where to get the best in class of these skills so you can start applying them effectively. Please, stay around till the end when I will show you how you can acquire A- Class of these skills through the Campus Creative Network Sustainable income training.


Why Does It Matter to You?


If you 

  • Want to make a business profit and even to the level of increasing your business profit, matters are important to you.


If you want to avoid 


  • Wasting your precious time 

  • Money. And 

  • Energy or even

  •  Business collapse in the long run? Then, This option given to you becomes your best choice. 


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My dear, if you’re ready to start increasing your business profit profusely despite economic challenges then you’ve got to start these 7 MUST-DO business marketing recipes.


If you must increase your business profit making, you must leave old weak ways of running your entire business, you must leave the managing table and then start prioritizing the right things to do, part of which is these 7 must-do business marketing recipes.


However difficult this might be, however expensive this might be, remember your end goal of starting your business is to keep enjoying maximum profit and only a change of your old way of running this business can help you achieve this.


But if you stick to your old ways of running this business, remember you’re not going to have a business profit increase not anywhere possible at all, and not having a business profit increase means that you are having poor sales as well and either gradually or suddenly the business can finally collapse.


Besides, if you are seeing this new direction [7 must-do marketing Recipes] as something too challenging for you to integrate into your business, I also want to advise you that you can just take your first step in this brand-new direction on a step-by-step approach.


What other business recipes do you think have been skipped in this content or are you using and working for you but not have been mentioned in this post? Please share for the public to try as well.  


Here is the thing If you are an individual who wants to move from being just a remote skill acquisition to someone earning a reliable income doing 100% remote work


CCN Sustainable Income Training is Your Go-To Choice And Will Help You ;


  • To start working remotely [ WFH ] 

  • Making Multiple streams of income working from your own home 

  • Become a Remote client acquisition Pro/ Nerd


Or ….


You are a passionate entrepreneur who is ready to escape business burnout [ Business Failure ] 


CCN Business Therapy will help you; 


  • Advance your business 90% better than your peers [ Competitor ] 

  • Speedily improve your marketing result by 90% 

  • Get 90% of expected sales day by day. And 

  • Even enjoy 90℅ 90% of business profit, continuously.




You are an individual who’s overwhelmed with personal tasks; 


CCN Gig Economy got you covered. It will help you; 


  • Get your task/ assignment done with 100% satisfaction. 

  • Cut cost 

  • Lessen the burden and more. 



STEP 1: 

Share across your network if you found this helpful!

STEP 2: 

Drop me a message to discuss how we can help one on one. 

STEP 3: 

If you’ve any additions or subtracts. Please, hit the comments section and be a help to many others out there trying to survive online in this Digital Age.

Kehinde Abiola have been a certified Google digital marketer, a pro blogger and a KICK-ASS Freelance Wizard for years. He’s on a mission to help individual make sustainable income doing legitimate works online and business owner improve their profit making. He’s the publisher and team lead at CCN. He’s the author of different training material at notable places including CCN. He’s the Web manager [Adim] and content producer at SOJWORLDNEWS to mention a few.

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