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Abdulfatai Muhideen

“Nothing comes easy in life”

Interview conducted by Tomisin Bamigboye

Abdulfatai Muhideen is currently a student of Physiology at Lagos State University, Ojo. He doubles as a computer specialist and operator. Muhideen, before he got admission into the university was able to acquire some computer literacy skills which enabled him to get a job as a computer operator in a computer service center till he got admission into school. According to him, his work experience as a computer operator has helped him in achieving some of his set goals both in school as well as in life.

He loves to engage in extra curricular activities such as volunteering for educational programmes as well as delivering lectures. He also serves as the class representative of his department which he believes has also helped him to tune his leadership skills.

When asked where he sees himself in the next five years, he replied that he would have finished his current course of study and would probably be working. He also intends to further his education by getting another degree as he does not intend to rely on the degree he’s currently studying for.

He talked about his major challenges in school as he used to have problems concentrating amongst too many students which sometimes leaves him lagging behind in class. He however said he was able to come up with a reading and studying plan which allows him to catch up.

When asked about his greatest achievement, he stated that would be when he got his diploma certificate in Kwara State Polytechnic even though he would have preferred getting into a university but could not due to his jamb score. He loves anything electronics or digital. He believes he has what it takes to qualify above the novice level. He’s also very good at multi-tasking.

For Muhideen, one must keep learning and adapting till one dies. He said it has helped to shape how he interacts with people as well as his view of life because according to him “Nothing comes easy in life and whatever you are doing make sure you are putting in your best”.

When asked how he felt about this interview he replied that he was a bit surprised although he wasn’t totally caught off guard because he has continuously put in his best ever since he joined the network. He has tried to be diligent as well as hardworking. He feels he is deserving of this reward.

Muhideen would love to be more involved in the activities of the network and would want to be a good example for others who would be joining the organisation.

When asked how our service in CCN has been, he replied that we are doing great but he feels we can do more by encouraging the members to pay more attention to their duties as well as we involving ourselves in activities daily that would help us remain in the spotlights.

When asked what he would do if given an opportunity to give back to the society he replied saying, “If I had the opportunity to give back to the society, there’s no doubt I would choose to educate and implore the coming generation on the importance of digital skills and how it will be a skill to survive in the world to come”.

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