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5 Terrible Business Tips That Are Killing Your Business [ Rest assured I’ve Incorporated a Valid And Booming Solution to Help You- Check It Out Now]. 

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5 Terrible Business Tips That Are Killing Your Business [ Rest assured I’ve Incorporated a Valid And Booming Solution to Help You Out].

5 Terrible Business Tips That Are Killing Your Business

Please, let us to be sincere to ourselves. Everyone wants to have their own business. Or Is it not? Everyone wants to be their boss, everyone wants the joy of not being handicapped by organization or individual rules and regulations, right? 


But then, we mostly forget if the business is not well managed or the full grasp of running the business – then, big challenges set in. 




You do not know that it’s a big-time disease to have a business that is discontinued? It’s even far better not to have jumped in than to have the one that went amiss. 


If you think it’s ideal to start a business for the fun of it or because you’ve no choice and you can’t make an effort to learn everything about starting and running a successful business either from an expert or an individual who specializes in your business Niche. 


Well, there is a NAME for this hesitation action you’re making – I’m such a nice guy and I can remind you of the name for it.  It is called BUSINESS FAILURE 


Happily permit me to use this avenue to let you know that you’ll not be able to face the aftermath effect when you’ve got that business running and it crumples. 


Nicely, I’m sure you will not want to see your dreams and effort vanish which can be incredibly disheartening and sorrowful – it can feel like losing part of yourself. Am I lying? 


I agree you’ll not want to face the emotional distress, the disappointment, and the suffering. 


Smiles…. Or 


Do you think when your business collapses you can cope with the feelings of helplessness and the inability to control the situation which can lead to frustration and anger.?You might even have to question your decisions and abilities. Isn’t it? 


Probably, you’re still on the fence – thinking I’m jesting with what I’m saying. Please, give me your attention a little bit more. 


Hello… Let me also ask you if you can bear the societal pressure and self-doubt that can lead you to feelings of shame and blame, even though business failure is a common occurrence. What about debt and loss of investment you have made in that business – I mean including your personal savings, loans and other investments? 


You lost income and livelihood because the closure of the business can lead to your unemployment situation and difficulty meeting your other financial obligations. The damage to your professional reputation, loss of trust from investors and partners – social and personal impact. 


Smiles, I’m sure by now you would have agreed with me that having a business that fails is a serious disaster and war.


So, you can see it is not a fun thing to rush and have a business that fails.


Apparently, Many things could cause your business to fail woefully but right Now, you’ve got the privilege of reading and learning these 


5 Terrible Business Tips That Are Killing Your Business [ Rest assured I’ve Incorporated a Valid And Booming Solution to Help You Out]. 


Terrible Business Tip #1: Popularity [ Trend ] 


Directly tied to trend-chasing, studies like cbinsight platform  report that a significant percentage of startups fail within their first few years. This highlights the inherent risks involved in any new business venture.


And another research …


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that about 20% of new businesses fail within the first year, and 50% within five years . This highlights the inherent risks associated with starting any business, regardless of the initial motivation.


Nicely…..  there’s nothing without a solution. 

So, if you are about to jump into a business because of its popularity perhaps you have started yours and now you’re facing challenges making success with it. 

Then, move to the next line because there is a way out for you. 


Valid and Booming Solution 


If You are about to or already in a business because of its popularity and now you are confronting issues: use this question below and tips to proffer valid solutions for yourself. 


  • Is the business aligned with your interests? 

  • Is it aligned with your purpose 


Either yes or No but still want to do the business because you’ve already invested much time and resources [ Money ] in it. Then, take these steps 


Go back to do business research, that covers 

  • Present and future feasibility. 

  • Sales and marketing feasibility research 

  • Target audience research 

  • Needs and wants research. And so on


That few tips should get you back on the track. 


Terrible Business Tip #2: head knowledge 


Using a self-scoop will only get you started but can not help you remain last or sustain any challenges that show up alongside. It can not help you achieve that ROI talking of maximum profit. It can’t help you grow the business innovatively and creatively because foundational knowledge is still highly required. 


Valid and Booming Solution 

Go back to the Pros and or any organization in your business Niche to learn the ins and outs, to seek their expert advice and guidance to help you succeed in this. They’ll have the basic advanced knowledge of it. 


That’s not all, they’ll also tell you their flaws and what you should do to overcome them So, you can achieve timely success on your own that you’ve started. 


Terrible Business Tip #3: Technical Known-How 


Trust me Every business establishment has its own easy and hard techniques to accomplish its assignment. 


So, the lack of this knowledge is one of the 5 terrible tips killing your business that I mentioned in the headline but there’s a solution to it anyway. 


Valid and Booming Solution 

There are two ways you can go about resolving this issue anyway. 


  • Employ different forms of professionals to help you handle stages of this technical part of your business. Or 

  • Go learn it all yourself. If it’s something possible one person can learn it all and then start to implement it. 


Terrible Business Tip #4: Tools And Equipment 


From start to finish point, every business has tools and equipment used to carry out their operations. 


From service execution to service delivery a tool or two is required. And 


From processing to production equipment helps out. 


So, if you’ve agreed with me sofa, then, that means one of the terrible things killing your business is either incomplete tools or you’re using weak tools. And it’ll reward you for service delivery. 


Valid and Booming Solution 

To find the complete tools you need to carry out your work in your business Niche competently. Then, get the original and quality tools as well. 



Terrible Business Tip 5#: Marketing And Sales

Marketing and sales are the life wire of any business that will yield profit or stay long last. 

Valid and Booming Solution 

Prioritize and invest as much as possible in your business marketing and sales. 



  • Terrible Business Tip #1: Popularity [ Trend ] 
  • Terrible Business Tip #2: head knowledge 
  • Terrible Business Tip #3: Technical Known-How 
  • Terrible Business Tip #4: Tools And Equipment 
  • Terrible Business Tip 5#: Marketing And Sales 



Break off on 5 Terrible Business Tips That Are Killing Your Business [ Rest assured I’ve Incorporated a Valid And Booming Solution to Help You Out].


So, you can see that the aftermath of having a business that fails is even more than someone having a fatal accident.


That’s why it’s good to go learn the ups and down about a business Niche of your interest from the Pros [ that could be Agency, Network establishment that specializes on this or an expert individual]  


Now, if you are ready to escape the business burn out [ Business Failure ] 


CCN Business Therapy will help you

  • Advance your business 90% better than your peers [ Competitor ] 

  • Speedily improve your marketing result by 90% 

  • Get 90% expected sales day by day. And 

  • Even enjoy 90℅ Above 90% of business profit, continuously.




If you are an individual that’s is sick and tired of the unemployment situations and economy hardship ;


CCN sustainable income training will help you ;

  • To start working remotely [ WFH ] 

  • Making Multiple stream of an income working from your own home 

  • Become Remote client acquisition Pro/ Nerd



STEP 1: 

Share across your network if you found this helpful!

STEP 2: 

Drop me a message to discuss how we can help one on one. 

STEP 3: 

If you’ve any additions or subtracts. Please, hit the comments section and be a help to many others out there trying to survive online in this Digital Age. 

Kehinde Abiola have been a certified Google digital marketer, a pro blogger and a KICK-ASS Freelance Wizard for years. He’s on a mission to help individual make sustainable income doing legitimate works online and business owner improve their profit making. He’s the publisher and team lead at CCN. He’s the author of different training material at notable places including CCN. He’s the Web manager [Adim] and content producer at SOJWORLDNEWS to mention a few.

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