5 Online Business Mistakes I Made in My Early Days Career [ Lesson Learned, Corrections, And What You Should Do]. 

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5 Online Business Mistakes I Made in My Early Days Career [ Lesson Learned, Corrections, And What You Should Do]. 

5 Online Business Mistakes I Made in My Early Days Career [ Lesson Learned, Corrections, And What You Should Do]. 

So, if your goal is to :

  • Make a fortune income doing online business 

  • Improve your living standards through online business 

  • Grows your online business speedily, impressively, and rapidly. And

  • And more importantly, you Desire your intending or already established online business to keep flourishing till infinity ♾️ 


Meanwhile, you also want to ; 

  • Avoid wasting time on online business

  • Evade wasting resources [ Money] on the online business

  • Bypass quitting your online business with heartbreaking 

  • Do not want to run into losing and debt doing the online business. 

  • Finally, wants to avoid online business embarrassment 


Then, this post is for you— it is what you need right now


You need to be serious about reading it from the beginning to the end while paying attention to the details.


The post let you leverage and learn about my mistakes with online business, so you won’t also be a victim of such irritation – giving careful consideration to It is your best bet if you want to achieve all that was said above. 


 You will be thinking this is a joking matter but according to ;




So, are you still up with me on this subject matter? Good, if you are still fine with me up to now – that shows you are ready to pack the best success from the online business while boycotting away the mistake part.


Remember: the majority of successful online business owners will not want to tell you their flaws and what you can do to help you skip these online hatches part of the journey. 😊 


But for me, in my generosity, I am dishing out all of these gold mine dreadful parts for you for free so as for you not to get this antagonistic part of the voyage again. 


Therefore, once again – it’s a big-time opportunity for you to take me seriously, and this post information from A- Z without jeopardy of any tiny given information here today. 


That way you will bypass this harmful incident with the online business world 🌎 regardless of whether you are just starting or you have already been crumbling on this for a while 


It is okay, my time is up, enough warning, warming-up, emphasis, and shaking of the table. Let’s just uncover 


5 Online Business Mistakes


5 Online Business Mistakes I Made in My Early Days Career [ Lesson Learned, Corrections, And What You Should Do]. 


Mistake #1: Passion vs. Profit

Lesson Learned: Not every passion project translates to a viable business. Chasing trends or fads can leave you burnt out and broke.

Correction: Focus on a niche you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, but also validate market demand. Research your target audience, their needs, and existing competition.

What to Do: Conduct market research, talk to potential customers, and assess your skills and resources. Choose a niche that aligns with your strengths and offers a solution to a real problem.


Mistake #2: Winging It Without a Plan

Lesson Learned: Flying by the seat of your pants might seem adventurous, but it usually leads to crashes.

Correction: Develop a solid business plan with clear goals, strategies, and a budget. Define your target audience, marketing channels, and financial projections.

What to Do: Start with a simple business plan outlining your vision, mission, and key objectives. Research different business models, create a marketing calendar, and track your progress.


Mistake #3: Underestimating the Power of Marketing

Lesson Learned: Building a website and hoping people find it is like opening a store in the middle of nowhere.

Correction: Implement a strategic marketing plan that reaches your target audience on the right platforms. Utilize social media, email marketing, content creation, and SEO optimization.

What to Do: Identify your ideal customer’s online habits and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. Learn about different marketing channels, experiment with paid advertising, and track your results to see what works best.


Mistake #4: Neglecting Customer Service

Lesson Learned: Treating customers like numbers leads to churn and negative reviews.

Correction: Prioritize excellent customer service and build genuine relationships with your audience. Respond to inquiries promptly, address concerns effectively, and go the extra mile to exceed expectations.

What to Do: Establish clear communication channels, implement a customer service policy, and actively seek feedback. Train yourself and your team on customer service best practices.


Mistake #5: Giving Up Too Soon

Lesson Learned: Success in the online world takes time, dedication, and resilience. Overnight riches are a myth.

Correction: Set realistic expectations and embrace the learning process. Be prepared for challenges, track your progress, and celebrate small wins.

What to Do: Develop a growth mindset, stay informed about industry trends, and network with other entrepreneurs. Learn from your mistakes, adapt your strategies, and never give up on your online business dreams!


Remember, the online business journey is a marathon, not a sprint. By avoiding these common pitfalls, learning from others’ experiences, and staying focused on your goals, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful and sustainable venture. Now go forth and conquer the digital world! For me, for now, that’s the 5 Online Business Mistakes I Made in My Early Days Career [ Lesson Learned, Corrections, And What You Should Do]. 


Okay, let’s just do a brief recapping of this.


Recap of My Online Business Mistakes I Made in My Early Days Career [ Lesson Learned, Corrections, And What You Should Do]. 


Mistake #1: Passion vs. Profit 

Mistake #2: Winging It Without a Plan 

Mistake #3: Underestimating the Power of Marketing 

Mistake #4: Neglecting Customer Service 

Mistake #5: Giving Up Too Soon .


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5 Online Business Mistakes


Shut down on 5 Online Business Mistakes I Made in My Early Days Career [ Lesson Learned, Corrections, And What You Should Do]. 


Whether you have started or planning to start one yet. it is not good enough that you are left with these horrible challenges. 


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STEP 1: 

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STEP 2: 

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STEP 3: 

If you’ve any additions or subtracts. Please, hit the comments section and be a help to many others out there trying to survive online in this Digital Age. 

Kehinde Abiola have been a certified Google digital marketer, a pro blogger and a KICK-ASS Freelance Wizard for years. He’s on a mission to help individual make sustainable income doing legitimate works online and business owner improve their profit making. He’s the publisher and team lead at CCN. He’s the author of different training material at notable places including CCN. He’s the Web manager [Adim] and content producer at SOJWORLDNEWS to mention a few.

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