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80% of SMEs we Help Hit 90% Profit Making [Learn 1 of The Strategy That Works]

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80% of SMEs we Help Hit 90% Profit Making [Learn 1 of The Strategy That Works]

80% of SMEs we Help Hit 90% Profit Making; Learn 1 of The Strategy That Works. 

Be it online business or offline [ physical] business this one powerful strategy works for all. 

To make this very simple and easier for you. Let’s assume that lately, you have developed so much interest and passion for the swimming sport other than any other sporting exercise we’ve on earth. 

So, to bring this dream of becoming a swimming Pro to reality, you decided to spare part of your money to get all the swimming materials. 

After that, you went to consult a swimming coach for details on how to go about it, and any other relevant details that will help you accomplish your swimming goal. 

Then, the coach started with swimming precautions that you need to keep in mind for safety sake. He was mentioning basic things you need as a beginner. 

Safety first: Never swim alone, Start shallow, Obey the rules, Be aware of the environment, Know your limits, Get acclimated, Learn to float, Practice breath control, Don’t panic, Seek proper instruction, Focus on legs, Don’t lift your head, Relax and breathe and do on

On the SWIMMING MATERIALS part: Swimsuit, Swimming cap, Goggles etc  

And then, he went on to 

SWIMMING SKILLS: There are a few key swimming skills that every beginner needs to start with: Getting comfortable in the water, Floating, Kicking, Breathing, Basic strokes etc

And before he could wrap up all of these, you are already overwhelmed, life already tired you. 😅 

You are confused about what to say. You even gave up on pursuing a swimming career. 

The precautions show fatal death if you make a single mistake, the beginners training material he listed cost 3-4x of the money you budgeted that is with you. And the skills analyzed revealed it’s something you can’t even cope with. 

Hmmmmm….. That is exactly the case of becoming an entrepreneur [SME ] nowadays. full with whole lots of ups and downs – If you do not buckle up your shoe ready to learn to unlearn and relearn strategy that is exactly working well nowadays – both your marketing, sales and profitability will be ZERO. 

You might likely have to fold up because you can’t even generate return on investment [ ROI] talking of PROFIT. 

Are you getting scared already? Oh! No, I am not meant to put fear in you but just to explain things better. So, before we dive into this powerful strategy.  Briefly, let’s see 


Business Strategy

Why This Strategy is Relevant To us 

  • To grow our SME practice 
  • To improve marketing effectiveness 
  • To get countless sales and to 
  • Enjoy Maximum profit.

Does that sound like something that is interesting to you? Then, let’s jump into this CCN strategy 



80% of SMEs we Help Hit 90% Profit Making; Learn 1 of The Strategy That Works. 

Engagement And Relationship Building

In its simplest form. I can put engagement as an act of interaction with your target audience, prospect or potential consumer’s work or activities. 

When you start interacting with whatever they are doing they will spot you specially and start to be interested in you [ Like you] , and progressively you will become their friend.

And that is how to begin to make sales in your SMEs practice. 

Engagement = Relationship Building 

You can’t continue to be putting Ads on people here and there. It gets them frustrated, it gets them bored, it hurts them and they go on with “Do not Disturb” me [ DND ]. Some can even block you.

Only big brands can afford to use Ads without being friendly and they will make sales. The likes of Coca-Cola, Cowbell, Nestle and the like. 

But if you’re a small startup just trying to get your feet out there, you’ve to come in a loyal way and make a positive relationship with your prospect and that is when your sales can happen. 

Selling in this generation is not an immediate thing. When you know that, you’ll better understanding what I’m saying 


So, how do I know that engaging and positive relationships with your target audience get you the sale that you want? 

Well, Like I said, we have helped a number of small businesses [ physical and online businesses] to scale up from zero to portability level. 

Now, engagement is the key to selling more. Why? 

Because engagement is the key to building relationships 


Relationship are the key to selling 


How Do I Know Engagement And Relationships Work

So, here is how I know. Because, 

  • People by from people they know 
  • People by from people they like 
  • People by from people they trust 
  • People by from people they have connection with 
  • People buy from people they have a conversation with

That’s why you need to engage and make friends with your targeted audience. And then, stop pushing Ads on people here and there.


But, How Do You Do Engagement And Relationships 

Here are some of the best ways to do it.

  • Interact on their own activities [ your target audience ] : Add value, ask questions, or share your opinions, be genuine, respectful and helpful.
  • Reply to their interaction on your own activities [ work] : Thank them, answer them or ask more. Be friendly, attentive and generous. 
  • Send personalized messages to your prospects: offer them some value, invite them to a call, or follow up with them. Be professional, courteous, and persistent. 

Hold on, don’t lose another secret yet. still hang around to pack the remaining secret in the final part. 

Yes, 80% of SMEs we Help Hit 90% Profit Making; we use many strategy, tips and tricks but 

Learn 1 of The Strategy That Works here. 


Profitable Local Business

Last reminder about this powerful strategy. 


You can see that;

  • It is not about using fancy words 
  • It is not about catchy slogans 
  • It’s not about clever trick 
  • It’s not about being pushy 
  • It is not about being aggressive 
  • Neither is it about being Manipulative 

It’s about one thing only. And that is engagement which leads to positive customer relationships. 

So, if you are stuck in a business rut and are ready to grow your SMEs, improve marketing, get countless sales while enjoying maximum profit? Using a series of proven tried-and-true tips-and-tricks. Here is an opportunity for you to connect with CCN Today and begin your profitability journey in your SMEs entrepreneurship practice. It can be physical business and it can be online business just Connect today and rewrite your business profitability success story with the latest cutting-edge trip and tricks.

80% of businesses we help enjoy maximum gain. So, now it is your turn if you want the same for yourself. 



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Kehinde Abiola have been a certified Google digital marketer, a pro blogger and a KICK-ASS Freelance Wizard for years. He’s on a mission to help individual make sustainable income doing legitimate works online and business owner improve their profit making. He’s the publisher and team lead at CCN. He’s the author of different training material at notable places including CCN. He’s the Web manager [Adim] and content producer at SOJWORLDNEWS to mention a few.

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