Content And Your Business

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 Content and Your business


Now how does your content relate with your business,

For this lesson let’s consider two significance of contents to your business.


1. The content of business unarguably educates the your audience and potential customers as to what your business stands for . In essence your contents are your brands identity. Take for instance you have a fish farm with the logo of a fish, whenever someone sees that logo, it needs not be said that it is your identity.  Similarly, the content of your business,  for example the services your business renders are a way of telling your audience what you stand for which is the same as the function of a logo.

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2. Contents improve your search visibility: every business wants to be noticed and patronized. With the aid of search engines like Google and bing, finding your business has been made unbelievably easy( _take our words for it_). Asides many other Search engine optimization strategies, content is key to achieving the much visibility for your business, search engines have been built to find relevant information. So imagine you run a potato farm with an online presence say a blog)site or a social media page: your contents online should therefore revolve around potatoes and other relevant keywords that your audience might search for as regards your line of business.


Use your content to sell your business and give them Life..

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