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CCN is an award winning organization where numerous universal opportunities, information, knowledge, 21st century skills can be enhanced for both youths and adults, cutting equitably across all genders all over the world. Owing to rising demands from our users, we are glad to put into operation- Mentorship program by CCN!
By means of the mentorship program, we will be able to enhance a wider range of persons, and in a more closer way -one on one–, make available assistance to our constant users searching for opportunities, recommended opinions, as well as direct supervision on how best to succeed in these opportunities.

PS: The Mentorship program is different from the Ambassadorial Office. The Mentorship program is for people who seek thorough guidance to maximize opportunities and applications, as well as Mentors who have understand the tenets of succeeding in these aspects through experience, and are willing to offer Mentorship.


Each individual of our audience is suitable to partake in the Mentorship Program.
Applicants must be a beneficiary of at least one of the published opportunity on the official website for CCN (



  • Editing of essays, resume and curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Experienced and professional mentors will give recommended opinions and guidance on applications.


The benefits for trainers are listed below but are not limited to:

  • Trainers who judiciously train the applicants for a period of 6 months ( a minimum of 1 participant per month) will be given an e-certificate that has been signed by the Management.
  • Trainers who function for the period of a year or more will be given a signed recommendation letter from the founder of CCN.


Each month, our team will pick and pair participants to trainers available depending on what they want, are interested in OR experiences shared.
The amount of trainers available determines the number of participants that would be chosen.

PS: Trainers can only be of help ONCE a month, except in extreme and sensitive cases, subjected to the review of the Mentorship Program Team. Therefore, an applicant would have to apply as many times as his/her application demands, i.e if an applicant is already scheduled for a month, and he/her has another application, such applicant would apply for another Mentor, for that specific application.

PS: This would not terminate the already existing program. This procedure will be gotten regularly in order to make sure everyone is served better. 


Owing to consistence in time, trainers will only be able to help you ONCE! Except in extremely and sensitive cases, such cases are subjected to the review of the Mentorship Program Team
To be a participant, the following, listed below should be sent to

  • The material for review (essay/resume etc)
  • A link to the opportunity you want to apply for.

The subject title of your mail show read: “CCN MENTORSHIP PROGRAM-MENTOR” must be included in your email as a Mentor


The subject headline: “MENTORSHIP PROGRAM MENTEE” should be included in your email for Mentee

PS: Incomplete materials would not be considered.


Have you successfully applied for opportunities globally?
Are you interested to be a mentor for a co-audience?
For both questions asked above, if your response is YES, then kindly send an email to CCN at
Please make sure you add your resume and cv and brief information of your experiences obtaining opportunities globally not more than 500 words. The subject of your mail should be CCN MENTORSHIP Program – Mentor.

Note that only successful applicants would be reached out to.

For enquiries or interest, reach out to us at