Social Media VS. Custom Mgmt! Raving Fans or Profitability? [My Experience Verdict  ] 

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Social Media VS. Custom Mgmt! Raving Fans or Profitability? [My Experience Verdict  ] 

Social Media VS. Custom Mgmt; Raving Fans or Profitability? is the debate we 

“The process crashed, customers were waiting for too long, some were bitterly complaining, while the majority already ignored the company’s offer for the Competitor solution offering. That was when my longtime boss knew he had made a wrong decision and that we needed a change.”


This sad experience happened to one of the online platforms I was working with back then in my early days of growing my digital and Tech skills career. 


Seriously, it was a painful experience but it also taught me a great lesson too. 


I guess that was also one of the terrific pieces of knowledge I acquired in that company as well. 


My interning company prioritizes increasing awareness and gathering more followers over setting up systems to serve them properly and help them convert that multitude of followers into profitable ones. 


See, it’s not about getting 100s of leads [ Audience] just to be your followers or wanting to purchase your products/services but it’s all about putting proper systems place that help you convert them into a paying customer and even helping you to serve them well [quality]. 


It’s all about the proper organization of the tools and techniques to serve the customers when you finally have one, two, or more. 


As my destined reader, for you to avoid making such a wrong decision like this or experiencing this kind of technical issue, it’s the reasons why I’m here today to share with you some insight and by the time you finish reading this post to the end. You’ll have a proper understanding of ; 


  • The Differences between a custom Mgmt system [CMS] and a Soa Social Media Platform 

  • Which should you prioritize and


Sounds Amazing? Let’s just dig in…


Social Media VS. Custom Mgmt


Social Media VS. Custom Mgmt! Raving Fans or Profitability?


A Custom Management System [CMS] could be your business blogging platform and or your coded website platform. Blogging Business platform which is the best one ever as it serves as a Multi-purpose tool. 

Social media on the other hand, is the online platforms that allow users to connect with each other and share information. It’s a way to create and share content, participate in discussions, and build communities

Well, let’s just dive into the intricacies of differences between the CMS and Social Media and which should be prioritized etcetera… 


1. Content Ownership and Control:

  • CMS: You own your website and its content, giving you complete control over branding, user experience, and data. This allows for personalized marketing campaigns and deeper customer relationships.


  • Social Media: You’re playing on someone else’s field, subject to algorithm changes and platform policies. While reaching a wider audience is easier, building a loyal audience becomes trickier.


2. Content Focus and Depth:

  • CMS: You have the flexibility to create detailed, long-form content like blog posts, white papers, and case studies, ideal for nurturing leads and establishing expertise.


  • Social Media: Short, snackable content reigns supreme. Think engaging visuals, captivating captions, and interactive elements to grab attention in fleeting feeds.


3. Targeting and Personalization:

  • CMS: Powerful analytics tools allow you to segment your audience and tailor content to their specific needs and interests. This fosters deeper engagement and conversions.


  • Social Media: Targeting options are often broader, relying on demographics and interests. While reaching a large audience is possible, personalization may be limited.


4. Sales and Conversion Potential:

  • CMS: Built-in forms, landing pages, and e-commerce integrations make converting leads into customers seamless. The controlled environment allows for focused sales funnels.


  • Social Media: Direct sales conversions can be challenging. However, social media is excellent for driving traffic to your CMS and nurturing leads further down the sales funnel.


5. Ongoing Maintenance and Effort:

  • CMS: You’re responsible for website maintenance, security updates, and content creation. However, this investment grants you long-term ownership and control.


  • Social Media: Constant engagement and content creation are crucial to stay relevant. Be prepared for a time-intensive commitment to maintain an active presence.


Which should you prioritize?


Choosing between a CMS and social media isn’t about picking one over the other. 


It’s about leveraging their unique strengths. 


Think of your CMS as your brand’s home base, where you cultivate loyalty and nurture leads. 


Use social media as your megaphone, broadcasting engaging content and driving traffic to your home base for conversions.


Remember, a successful strategy often employs a synergistic blend of both platforms. 


Utilize your CMS to create valuable content, then share snippets on social media to pique interest and lead users back to your website for deeper engagement and sales.


By understanding the distinct advantages of each platform and playing to their strengths, you can unlock the full potential of your digital marketing efforts and achieve sustainable business growth.


P.S. This blog post is just the tip of the iceberg. I encourage you to delve deeper into specific features and strategies for each platform to craft a winning online presence for your business.


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Final Thought on Social Media VS. Custom Mgmt; Raving Fans or Profitability?

Did you know, according to a HubSpot study, only 8% of leads generated from social media convert into sales? Ouch. 


Meanwhile, personalized email campaigns boast a conversion rate of 4.4%, almost 6 times higher. 


Now, before you start throwing shade at social media like it’s last season’s skinny jeans, hear me out.


“Social media is like renting an apartment in someone else’s building,” says marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk. 


“Custom management is owning your own house.”


And let’s be honest, social media can be a bit… much. 


The endless scroll of curated perfection, the manufactured outrage, the dance of likes and follows – it’s enough to make anyone want to scream into a void. 


Custom management, on the other hand, is like a breath of fresh air. It’s about real conversations, genuine interactions, and building something meaningful, one fan at a time.


Think of it like this: Social media is a crowded marketplace, a cacophony of vendors hawking their wares to anyone who will listen. 


Custom management is a private club, a haven for those who appreciate quality and exclusivity. You’re not just selling products; you’re building relationships, fostering a community, and creating a brand that resonates on a deeper level.


Imagine you’re a musician. Social media is playing your music in a bustling city square, hoping someone will stop and listen. 


Custom management is booking a gig at an intimate venue, where every face in the crowd knows your songs and sings along. 


The applause is quieter, but the connection is deeper, the loyalty more profound.

The numbers speak for themselves. 


Studies show that customers acquired through custom management have a higher lifetime value, are more likely to refer others, and are more engaged with the brand. 


In the age of information overload, attention is the new currency, and custom management helps you invest it wisely, in relationships that matter.


So, are you ready to ditch the rent and build your brand mansion? Custom management awaits, with open doors and a waiting community. 


Take the first step, reach out, and discover the power of genuine connection. 


Your fans (and your bank account) will thank you for it. 


Let’s make it easy for you to have your mobile-friendly custom management system that attracts and converts unaware Audiences to paying clients and someone who refers others— Reach Out to us Here Today.


Happy using Custom Management System And blogging and best of luck in your online endeavors!

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