DE FAILED SYSTEM , Episode 14.

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Episode 14
All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.
It was a doom day for Joshua but he never knew. His mother has been praying hard but he never knew the ceiling was the width band of those prayers. It was strange to ASP Ochuko that no attempts has been made on Joshua’s life. It was later he got the real intentions of the Governor and that is were to clear his name legally and for political reasons. Upon discovery he paid attention steadily to Barrister Clement and even assigned someone to watch his movements, but then it was too late as the deal has been sealed and all left was done via phone calls.
The judge wasn’t left out in the wheels that were being upturned by money and the loud shout that money was shouting have overtoned the cry of justice that was emanating from the sobing of Joshua and his mother. It was in one of the visits,ASP Ochuko paid to Barrister Clement that he knew everything wasn’t in order. Over the week he had been sounding confident but as the days went by, it was as if his confidence was fading off and hiding behind the walls of no evidence nor witness to support the claims that he took the life of Clever in accordance to Chapter 4 section 33 subsection 2(a) and 2(c) of the Nigeria constitution.
“Mum am scared,” Joshua had said to his mum on the Sunday before the hearing
“My son don’t be scared. I have a God and he will vindicate you”, she said reassuringly.
She knew little or nothing of how critical the case is and the kind of tight corner Joshua had gotten into neither how close the two edged sword of injustice pointing towards the innocent victim of the circumstances has come. But Joshua been a law student knew exactly what could turn out to be the case with any slightest twist of fate. Well, no harm in keeping hopes alive though the nightmares that were gracing his nights were not friendly nor helping matters. It was in one of those nights intercepting the first hearing and the second hearing that he dreamt and saw himself holding a gun and pointing it to the judge handling his case. Like usual after such nightmares he wakes up to a soaked bed and a body rid of strength and vigor. The dream was a puzzle he could not put together as non of the situations on ground were pointing to the direction of the dream. Well, he shoved it under his pillow and always slept with it each night and subsequently the nightmare seemed to replay more often.

It came rather sooner than later the 24th of November, the second hearing of the case of Arube Joshua and His Excellency A. Jumoh. Joshua had woken up to a pounding headache and a sad countenance, maybe he woke up from the wrong side of the bed. The believe is more proper in handy at now because it has spoken the words of reality that was in store for Joshua. He had woke up with his most prominent nightmare but this time it wasn’t the judge that he was holding at gun point, but the Governor himself. This was no longer a random dream to Joshua because everytime the dream comes it becomes more real. Every night behind it seems more real till one of the night that Joshua woke up pointing his hands like a gun to his mother that was disturbed and had rush down to her struggling son alongside ASP Ochuko that was no longer strange of such nightmares didn’t come in a hurry to wake him up, he only did come when it seemed it wasn’t gonna end.

It took the crew of three no time to get to Clement et Son’s chamber to pickup Barrister Clement. Upon his pickup they drove off to the courtyard. ASP Ochuko has asked Barrister Clement severally if there was any threat to his life, but to it he affirmed non attempts were made. Upon getting to the court premises they walked straight in and settled before the judge entered.
The press men on ground were almost more than the random audience in the court seating. The normal legal protocols were observed and the case began. The court proceedings went on and on with Barrister Clement silent at points he was expected to protest the intimidation of his client. And even at points he did the judge always overruled his protest. At the end of the debate that was more or less not a debate between the prosecuting team and the defending counsel the judge was ready to make his pronouncements.
“According to the Chapter 4 Section 33 subsection 1 that spelt out the right to life of the Nigeria citizens”, he started. “Also the aforementioned section also categorically made it known that no citizens life should be intentionally taken”, without prejudice to both sections I hereby sentence Mr. Arube Joshua to 10years in prison without bail or plead”, he concluded and made for his mallet. But instead of his mallet to produce it sound when it hits the desk it was the shout of the dying Joshua’s mother’s voice that cuts through the murmur filled air. Her hands were on her chest as she struggled, Joshua made to run to her only to be stopped by the armed men that withheld him. ASP Ochuko had rushed down and lifted her to his shoulders and ran out amidst tears and straight to the car. It was obvious she was having a heart attack. Tears formed in Joshua’s eyes as he was restrained from reaching his dying mum and he was dragged to a temporary cell. As ASP Ochuko ran out, he saw Barrister Clement shaking hands with the Governor and SAN Benson.

Back there in the temporary cell Joshua was kept under high security as a midday darkness. Joshua was pushed into the unkempt cell with tears pouring down from his eyes. He could not seat nor stand, the image of his dying mother was all he was seeing. Still kneeling on the floor as he was pushed in by the wardens he had remained like that. It was as if when his rainbow was at the verge of appearing an eclipse over took the earth and there was total darkness in his world. As he knelt down he thought so loud that the words were like a megaphone that has magnified it intensity. These were the words in his head.
“Midday Darkness”
The candle of life has been taken at my darkest night.
The tiny rays of light that glows out in my tunnel has suddenly vanished.
My soul has been ridden of joy and happiness.
I have been cursed with a midday darkness.

When the sun sets and my morning is yet to come.
Then did mourning come faster than the morning
The words of consolation means nothing to my soul.
For misery I have known an bad luck has being my lot on this midday darkness.

What hope is for tomorrow?
If there is a God, does he lie dead?
Or nature no longer have its course that light in the morning and darkness at night?
Why would my midday be characterised by the gloom that succeed sunset?
Why would my midday become darkness?.

I am but a leaf ready go be whisked away by the desert wind.
I am but a blind man wandering in the land of scorpions.
I am but an aborted morning replaced by the mourning of many.
I am the victim of a midday darkness.

As his words pierce through the audience of his head and his heart quake and gave rise to fear, his body too weak to hold him upright, his eyes too blur and leads swollen from the tracks of water that had ran through, with his heads banging as they give beat to the thoughts in his head he dropped down lifeless.

What next??? Did he die??? Find out.

© Christopher (Ogaga)

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