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All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.

With Rose dead, Remm’s Lodge massacred and court case on Monday it was obvious Joshua is not going to survive this. ASP Ochuko and Joshua drove home, he urged Joshua to go inside while he remained outside in the car with in the fenced compound. Joshua whom already known the direction the matter was going so could not help but think of his mother becoming a childless widow. As the thought of his mother struggling in the village ran through his mind, he could not help but allow tears drip down his cheeks, his vocal cords were obsolete but he thought allowed:
What a world! What a world!
Am living in a world where good deeds are punished.
A world where evil prevails
What a world am living in.

My mind cannot help but wander off to wonder,
That if this world was a banquet,
why some be given silver spoon and others are left to feed on their thumb.
What a world am living in.

If God is the convener of this banquet,
Would my mind be cursed because it raise it voice to questions?
An old book with it name the Bible promised evil shall not prevail.
But in this world am living it case is not the same.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t notice ASP Ochuko has entered. 

“Joshua why are you crying?” He asked. “Come on it no time to cry,” he muttered as he tapped on his back. “Is your phone charged?”
“Yes it is,” Joshua responded drying his tears and reaching for his phone in his pocket.
“We need to call your mum and inform him of the development. At this point we need her motherly prayer to get out of this hell,” he said as he walked towards the fridge to get a bottle of Goldberg.
“Sir I don’t have airtime,” He said.
“Okay, call out the number” He said.
Joshua called out the number and she was called. When the news was broken to her even in the most discreet way she broke out to a round of Lamentations.
“My enemies are ready to end my life, they have caught up with me oh! Aj?! They are ready to take my beam of light,” those were her words and many others as she decided to open anorh chapter of Lamentations.
Joshua though couldn’t stand her mother crying he still could not give in to tears.
“Joshua get into the kitchen and get something to eat, I will be back,” ASP Ochuko said as he walked out with the bottle of Goldberg almost empty.
“No! No! Leave me alone,” Joshua struggled and said aloud as he struggled on the bed it was evident he was having nightmares. Am not guilty! Am not guilty! Am not guilty he shouted as he broke loose from the grasp of the torment he was going through in the metaphysical phase called dreams or night mares. His shouts and pleads has wokn up the barely slept ASP Ochuko that quietly set the door ajar and slide in with a pistol in hand. He had thought his house had being broken into this he came with his gun. Looking down at the bed and beholding the sweating and terrified Joshua. He dropped his aimed pistol and looked at the clock opposite him it was pointing to 1am. Well Joshua go and shower and get a good rest. Stop worrying but you can always think…
You may wonder why he took it so likely, the ghosts of his late pregnant wife and late son chased him even while he was in jail for months so he knew what Joshua was going through. H retired to his room kept is pistol under his wife’s pillow and closed his eyes, only opening them to the brightness of the Sunday morning.
It a Sunday morning, the sun is up and shining, the birds seems not to be chirping Joshua seemed to be busy with brain work and his mum is on his way to Oleh township. She had decided to come down since the court case was 9am on the morrow morning. With no fresh witness the odds were slim for Joshua but let’s see what it will turn out into…

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