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All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.
It was as if the morning came so fast for Joshua but rather too slow for the Governor’s family because it was certain that they had everything in their grasp. At about 8:45am the Toyota Camry of ASP Ochuko arrived at the courtyard to meet fleets of luxurious cars parked all over the court premises. For som reasons he had decided not to were his police uniform, just a polo and a pair of trousers alongside his gun and his i.d card. Joshua and his mum he asked to stay back in the car while he came out and surveyed the surroundings. Alongside the barrister Clement their defending counsel. The environment looks free aside from the Governor’s armed SSS that sure wouldn’t try shit in the broad daylight.
As at 9am everyone was seated but the prosecutors and the defendant.
“Court! Arise!,” The voice of a slim dark skinned lady with glasses pierced through the discord filled atmosphere. Everyone called themselves to order and on their feet they went. An advanced man dressed in a floating black apparel walked from a side door and straight to the judges table. Upon settling down the dark skinned tiny lady’s voice bought the already silent air again. Reading out he case file title. “The case of His Excellency Dr. A. Jumoh and Arube Joshua with case file number “15000034CFAA” with 15 depicting the year of suit, 000034 showing sequence number and CF as the case type identifier showing criminal case for this case and AA standing as the initials for Alaike for the Governor and Arube for Joshua.
After the announcement of the case the hearing started as the already seated audience since after he judge settled listen carefully. The accused Arube Joshua was brought to the dock and the prosecuting counsel of six learned barristers led by a ior Advocate of Nigeria, carried out their cross examinations.
“Mr Arube Joshua,” he started. “Can you identify this man?” He questioned so craftily as he showed him the picture of the late Governor’s son Clever.
“No,” no Joshua responded softly.
“Have you by chance come across this young man?” Showing him another picture of the late Clever.
“No,” he replied again but this time his voice was shaky.
“My Lord it is obvious he is lying as his voice and system seems to betray his deceit filled tongue,” he said conclusively looking at the judge.
“Objection my Lord. My learned colleague here just made a condemning accusations,” barrister Clement shouted as he stood up to his feet.
“Objection sustained,” the judge and answered and the barrister returned to his seat.
“Any further cross examinations from the prosecuting counsel?” The judge asked while looked between his glasses.
“Yes my Lord,” answered another lawyer from the prosecuting counsel. He stood up and bowed before the judge and proceeded to the accused dock.
“What do you have to say regarding the death of Jumoh Clever that you killed?” He questioned.
“Objection my Lord,” the voice of barrister Clement arose again.
“Objection overruled,” the judge beckoned on the prosecuting counsel to proceed.
“It was on the … and that’s all that happened,” Joshua responded confidently.
“My Lord it is obvious he slaughtered a man. I rest my case,”. He made back to his seat and did the needful on it
“Mr. Arube Joshua guilty or not guilty?” The judge asked.
“Not guilty,” the 300level criminal law student; Joshua responded.
“Defendant what do you have to tell this court of high jurisdiction?”.
“My Lord the Chapter 4 section 33 subsection 2 (a) and 2(c) has warranted my client here to kill the deceased as it was for the safety of others,”.
“Objection my Lord,” the last lawyer that spoke for the prosecuting counsel stood up.
“Objection substained,” the judge said as he looked on to the lawyer that shouted “Objection”.
“My Lord from his narration he said a set of armed robbers, what would a son of a Governor rich in all things go and rob from oetry students of his class?” Pointing to Joshua.
“My Lord I put it to this court that Jumoh Clever was kidnapped and killed.
“Any witnesses?” The judge asked.
Both parties spoke within themselves and no witness could be brought forward on time.
“This case had being adjourned to two weeks for lack of witnesses,” the judge hit his mallet on the desk and made to arise.
“Court! Arise!” The tiny girl shouted and everyone stood while the judge exited.
ASP Ochuko went to shake hands with barrister Clement for a job well done upon returning his look he saw the Commissioner of police looking at him with a dagger eye while the Governor has matched out in anger and fury.
Joshua and ASP Ochuko spent few more minutes inside before they came out to meet a waiting crowd of press men.
“Say no word,” ASP Ochuko told Joshua.
The defendant party of four; Joshua, ASP Ochuko, Joshua’s mum and barrister Clement made for the car while the SAN leading the prosecuting counsel held barrister Clement in a deadly stare.
The court case has been adjourned. What is in stock?
Find out soon.

© Christopher Oghenewogaga Vantus


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