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All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.

The first hearing has been done but I doubt if it is really dusted. The proceeds of the next hearing would be a function of all that have been later in the first hearing. But parties have declared a war against it self and it was no longer a hide and seek, it is now whom have it more who pulls the wheels of Justice better. It was a fruitless effort for Joshua and his lawyer because all leads has been blocked and all witnesses wiped.
Everyday was fruitless in the search for witnesses. Behind the scenes money have been speaking lately and loudly louder than the combined voices of the market women. The integrity of Barrister Clement was weighed on the money scale but lo! It didn’t scale through. It was on Wednesday morning after the first hearing but before the second hearing when a strange car with all glasses tinted drove and parked on in front of he taxi hunting barrister.
“You may hop in, there is someone that wants to meet you,” the driver said in a rather commanding tone as he slide down the windscreen. Looking at those in the car he had almost no choice but to hop in and hop in he did. The car cruised along he tiled double lane tracks ofhhe Isoko Central School, Oleh and head towards the Eboh Guest House. Upon arrival at the hotel he was walked down to the Ideal event center where a young man with sunglasses was seated. Despite the poor lightning conditions of the room the guy has decided to keep his glasses on for reasons best known to him, coupled with the black suit he was wearing he was also wearing a straight face. As Barrister Clement got closer, it was evident to him it was the SAN that led the prosecuting team. Barrister Clement had shown his prowess at the court and SAN Ben has seen him as a great threat to him winning this case and winning it within the next hearing as the Governor had little or no patience at all.
“Good morning,” he said softly as he adjusted his seating position and stretching forth his hands for a hand shake which Barrister Clement took. With the brief case on the table and the two guys that brought him at the doors. Two things were certainl it either he was summoned to be threatened or summoned to be bought either ways it was for him to back off the case.
“Well, without wasting your time because I know you were headed for your chamber I do go straight to the point,” he said without taking off his gaze. He slide he briefcase on the table to him.
“I need you off this case,” he said as he opened the briefcase and the top jerked up revealing the plenty naira notes that were the contents there of.
“Like I said, I need you off this case, am a SAN you are just a young Barrister you still have a long way to climb in this ladder of the legal profession,”. He said looking at the astonished Barrister Clement.
“Even looking at the odds you won’t succeed, why not make me your friend by accepting my offer when it is friendly or risk going at the other side of the know with the Governor,” he said in a more threatening voice.
Barrister Clement had expected the offer that has been his plan from the beginning when he accepted to take the case without the normal huge charges h bout to bill them. And look the fish has come. He wasn’t ready to look too cheap. He got up took closed the brief case, adjusted his clothes, ripped his hands in his pocket and exchanged his complimentary card for the brief case.
“Call me,” he said as he walked out professionally.
“SAN J. Benson knew the meaning of what he did so he smiled wickedly to himself as he picked himself from the sofa and walked out.
What is the next? What would happen to the 300law student? Find out..

© Christopher Oghenewogaga Vantus

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