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All names, claims, events, institutions, and locations used therein are fictional and are not connected to the affected and there is no effort towards tarnishing the image of any institution or persons as any case of resemblance is a coincidence.


 This is your baptism. He announced. Allow it to dry on your face don’t clean it. When it is dry cleaners me and join us. He instructed and he continued with the rest. The home theater that was booming the background went on to play Pullover by Wiskid ft Kcee Ft Mc Galaxy. And lioness got up and went to hire the dance floor.

In no time Clever joined the table and lioness was asked to kill the music and come and seat down. Now Clever after today’s rite you would be qualified to be called a member of the Red Eyed Crocodile Confraternity and the brotherhood will be ready and willing to accept you. Razler! He called out to George. Capone! You boy dey with you. How the metals. Capone them gallant, loaded and ready to go. Who baff you no use oyibo soap na black soap e use. You are Carried. Osas. Capone! Yan for you son heareth thee. The ride done ready? He asked. I even repaint am self this morning before I change the plate number. Osas responded. So waiting we dey wait for. Red Eyed Crocodile! Capon shouted. Na we get the water! Everyone replied. Red Eyed Crocodile! He shouted again. Even if e dey boil na we get am. Oya may we go change.

Everyone left the table and all returned with masks in hands and gloves. They all boarded a Toyota Rav4 parked somewhere outside. Capone stepped on the gear pedal and zoom the left trail of sand flying after them. Straight they ran through the rugged city of Warri down to Ughelli through Olomoro and Emede and in no time they arrived Oleh.

It was about a 2hours 30minutes journey all through. The crew had departed their abode at about 5:35 and arrived the commercial township of Oleh at about 7:59pm. In no time they cruised through Yanga market and they stopped to buy suya and some satchets of dry gin and lion. Cruising on they drove unsuspectingly towards Oleh campus of the Delta State University. Driving some feet away from the school gate they sighted a military checkpoint. Though the soldiers weren’t on duty. Capone resurrected the killed car engine and zoomed to the left of the junction. They dedicated the next 30minutes to scouting of the area and allow darkness to rent the atmosphere.

At about 8:30pm the we’re ready and they zoomed off into Ozore Street. And straight they drove down to the secluded lodge with the inscription Remm’s Lodge, at the extreme of the developing street filled with more of uncompleted buildings than completed buildings. They have picked the location after their scouting round. Upon their arrival, they met someone about entering as they pulled the car to an abrupt halt, and six gentle brothers in mask holding assaulted firearms jogged out.

[The present]

Joshua ran inside with a great shout. Robbers! Armed robbers! As he went behind the resident building that was enclosed within a very high fence. All that he could hear was people running inside and shutting their wooden doors. Upon entering the compound Capone sent Razler to track Joshua while the remaining five of them stood by at the gate.

Every body listen up! Capone shouted.

Few girls that were not smart enough to get into their room as the situation demand were shivering at the sight of assaulted rifles and helfty gentle brothers in the highway.

All of you lie down! Capone commanded the already gathered girls. Clever, lioness, Osas and Dave had rallied up all the people and have got all of them to kneel.

They all lied down in a hurry. Capone went round stepping on the girls buttocks. You big ass mother fucking bitches he said aloud, kicking one of the girls which resulted to a loud screem.

Shut the hell up! Lioness yelled at the screaming and shaking girl.

[Behind the building]

Joshua knowing definitely someone would be sent after him hid himself in the lines of highly grown flowers growing at the fence side. As Razler walked down gently with his gun in hand and weed in mouth. Joshua positioned himself very well waiting for him to peep in his hiding position and in no time he did and gboa! His upper cut punch sent his jaws bleeding as he pulled the gun from his hand. As Razler was about popping out smoke from the weed in his mouth what came out in it stead was blood. Joshua wasted no time in sending a punch through to his throat which got him choked and gasping for air. He was about shouting for help when he fell down flat, all thanks to the knock out punch from Joshua. All thanks to his self defense skills from the Man’O’ War Nig. And his personal martial art trainings.

Back at the compound Capone had ordered everyone to open an come out willingly and those that resisted their doors were broken and forced out but not without beatings and slaps.

After everyone lied down. Capone ordered clever to pick any girl of his choice, of which he did. He ordered the girl to undress herself of which she did reluctantly courtesy of gun point. And Joshua was asked to have intercourse with the girl. He wasted no time in pulling down his trousers to execute the rape command issued by the Capone.

At the back of the building Joshua had knocked Razler out and handled his gun, credits to Man ‘O’ War dummy gun parade. He went round to the other side and was watching what was happening.

Clever went down and penetrated the girl with the name rose. Despite her screams no sign of mercy was seen on Clever face neither was anyone moved aside from Joshua but for reasons best known to him he remained silent.

When Joshua finally climaxed and pulled out, blood accompanied his manhood.

Damn! Joshua shouted.

Lo! Roseline was a young virgin.

As she continued crying. Capone gave his last order. My boy take he threw back Clever’s gun.

Send her to her heaven. She na Reverend Sister. Make she hurry go greet God.

Clever held the gun, though freighting. And pointed it to her head.

Do it and let’s get out of here.

His fingers were on the trigger about to pull. Joshua at this point wasn’t comfortable his hands was on his trigger aimed for clever.

Tua! Tua!! The gunshot went.

Who shot it???

Find out…

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