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It was a weekday Joshua a 300level student of the department of Commercial Law just came out of a lecture theatre after defending one presentation at a seminar. Walking out elegantly with a black pair of trousers and a white long sleeve well suited with a black blazer, he walked down the Walk way with a document in hand. The 22years boy from the South south with a height of about 5ft2″ and a fairly dark skin and well built physique continued on his part till he got a call from a girl running from the back. Chioma a light skinned girl walked down to Joshua where he was standing. “So you couldn’t wait for me right?” She asked. “Not really like that”. Joshua replied. “The stuff is I spent the whole night preparing for ttomoro presentation so I just have to go and get some sleep” Joshua concluded. “Well no problem, after atave being snubbing me lately”. Sheclimaxed her dialogue and slowed her pace while Joshua stopped and turned to look at her soul through her eyes. “Chioma don’t start this I beg of you”. Walking closer to her and holding her two hands to the front, “I mean no hurt but lately things have been so choky that I don’t even have time for myself”. He paused and took a breath. “But I promise I will  make it up to you”. He concluded. Chioma was still standing and looking unpleased. “Oya smile for me na”. Joshua intoned in Pidgin English while wearing a reassuring smile. Chioma reluctantly did as she offered Joshua a hug. They both continued down the walkway smiling and leaning on each other like fresh lovers that just got marriage approval from their parents.

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Chioma is a girl of 21 from the East, Enugu precisely while Joshua is a boy from the big heart Delta State. They have been friends since they resumed campus in their first year. Joshua as a person always keeps himself from people aside from normal greetings and formal dialogue. He barely engage in anything casual but the story of how both of them got to become friends and lovers I would save for another day.

Chioma and Joshua got to the junction that is meant for the two lover birds to part for their lodge, they both hugged and bade farewell. Joshua stood and watch her walk along while she turned severally smiling and waving at him. Finally, he turned to the adjacent coordinates and went to his lodge.


In a beautifully designed sitting room were four boys, seated round a table smoking weed as Naira Marley’s -Soapy rents the air while empty bottle of drinks lurks around. Not to mention the casket that was also there. It was obvious it was the bad rich kids. As the song was going to an end,another track that was Victor AD ft Erigga’s motivational song started playing. As Victor AD nananana the song went, Clever walked into the smoke filled room. “Oya… Big man pikin don enter” Osas announced upon sighting Clever entering the room and walking towards them. Everyone one reacted in different ways but all good. Clever stepped in and went to the music deck and turned down the volume. “Guys we need to  talk”. He announced. “For months now  that I’ve been longing to join you guys. You smoke, f**k babes,  you’re worshipped on this campus. Like I just wanna belong. But still everyone one of you have being scoping me.” He stopped and looked at them to see if he got their attention. George that was known as Razler was busy rapping weed while Dave was inhaling from the casket pipe as Osas offered Clever a glass of whiskey. “Guy this is not what am here for” He said rejecting the drink. O.G collect the drink na. Razler that was now smoking his wrapped weed spoke out, slowly and full of bass. “You no Sabi say even the brotherhood you wan join respect dey for the elders?” He asked in cool and threatening voice yet slowly as he puffed out smoke from his nostrils and mouth. Clever collected the drink and tasted it. He squeezed his face, gulped some of it and dropped the remaining content. Argh! He moan as the content seemed to burn his throat. Kpo ho kpo ho kpoho. Dave coughed out smoke from his nostrils and dropped the pipe. Clever -lee he called out to Clever. “Capae don tell me make I yan you say your semi final right c.go come up this weekend”… He stopped talking and looked round like he was searching for something. He made for the pipe and Osas stopped him, “Dave baba deliver the message of the gods finish.” I hear you. He replied. “So as e dey hot on Saturday by 6pm we suppose don arrange our self for zanga, so wetin he dey try align you be say, let me speak a language you understand loud and clear. By 6pm on saturday we are going for an operation and we are going to… He whispered to his ear. And Clever jolted in shock and with a questioning look….

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