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At exactly 9:00am [WAT] the clerk shoute “COURT! ARISE!!” Every one stood on their feet as the Judge walked into the courtroom in his legal robes and almost falling eye glasses positioned at some distance considerably far from his eye balls. He sat down and so did everyone in the courtroom. The court clerk stood up to read the case to be heard and also tendered before the judge the files for the case. The accused Mr. Arube Joshua was brought into the dock and his hands were uncuffed.

The prosecutor party can now commence their final cross examination of the accused. The judge announced.

 An advanced man in his late fifties arose from the front seat with some documents in hand, adjusted his robe and stepped forward confidently. He bowed before the judge before proceeding to the dock where Arube Joshua was standing, resting slightly on the dock he started

Prosecutor: Where were you on the 24th day of December 2014?

Arube Joshua: praying somewhere for a better Nigeria. [ He replied calmly like he anticipated the question]

Prosecutor: [Quite stunned with the unwavering response]. Can you be precise?

Arube Joshua: St. Mary Catholic Church.

Prosecutor: Who can attest to that?

Arube Joshua: God!

Prosecutor: What if I put it to you that you where at The Redeemer’s Home, Asaba?

Arube Joshua: objection My Lord! The prosecutor is making false allegations.

Judge: Objection overruled. Prosecutor you may continue

Prosecutor: Thank you My Lord.

Prosecutor: My Lord permission to tender exhibit 4 (a,b,c,d and e)

(Judge waved him to continue)

The prosecutor handed to the clerk five picture films to give to the Judge and also some to pass around to the audience.

Prosecutor: My Lord this shoe trail was gotten on the night that the wife of the  Late Governor of this state was murdered during a Christmas Eve Church service on the 24th day of December, 2014.

Prosecutor: It was shocking when this same shoe trail was identified in the death scene of Barr. Clement that occurred on the 24th of April 2015.

Prosecutor: The same was attributed to the murder of the late Justice Mena that died on the 24th day of August 2015.

Prosecutor: My Lord looking at the time interval doesn’t it puzzle you?

Prosecutor: Furthermore on the day our late Governor was murdered, this shoe trail appeared. Which was the 24th day of December 2016 at the cemetery where he went to pay Homage to his late wife whom died on that day a year ago.

Prosecutor: My Lord. According to reports from the specialists of the State Security Service team. The assassin ran off the crime scene with a bleeding nose. He was chased ceaselessly until they got to a dead end. Applying security protocol there was a lock down and movement was restricted in the nearby streets which was flooded by men of the Nigeria Police Force and NSCDC. It was then Mr Arube Joshua walked out of a secluded part with hood and marched out despite the emergency shutdown and according to Chapter 4 section 41 Subsection 2 that states that despite the provisions of its preceding Subsection that states “the right to freedom of movement of all citizens does not invalidate any situation warranted in a democratic society” thus he was arrested and detained. It was later discovered that his nose were bleeding and his shoe prints matched those left on the tracks of the fleeing assassin.

Prosecutor: Not only does it match. All the victims of this assassin had something in common. They were all involved in the case that bought Mr Joshua here, 10years jail sentence. So, my Lord Mr Joshua Arube is guilty of multiple murder.

Judge; Mr Arube Joshua 5 count charges have been levied against you. Guilty or not guilty.

Instead of an immediate serious reply he smirked and laughed real hard, which got everyone surprised.

Arube Joshua: According to your standards am guilty, but I was never guilty.

This statement gave birth to murmuring within the audience.

Order! The clerk shouted.

Prosecutor: My Lord he just indirectly showed contempt for this court of high jurisdiction. I strongly suggest he should be punished

Judge: [hitting is mallet on the desk] Don’t tell me what to do.

Judge: Mr Arube Joshua. Having being tried in this high court of prestigious jurisdiction you are hereby found guilty of numerous murders as charged.

Judge: Having violated Chapter 4 section 33 subsection 1 of the Constitution of the federation. You are hereby sentenced to death by firing squad. He hit his mallet on the deck and stood up as every other person did the same.

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The whole courtroom was silent without cry or murmuring. No body was there to cry for him because none was going to miss him anyway or maybe there was none in the courtroom other than the elites that were there to witness the sentencing of the notorious double barrel.

He was led out of the Court room by the Special Anti-Terrorism Squad towards the bullion van that had conveyed them earlier on, but the obstruction from the press teams that seek an audience with various people including Joshua, was a whole lot of fence to skip. They got to the car and the blind was replaced. The door was shut and the car zoomed off.

Back in the judge’s office, as he entered he muttered a God forgive me and took of his gown and hung it on the stand not more than two feet from the entrance to the right hand side…

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